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world war 2 games

Empire - World War 3

Genre: multiplayer train strategy battlefield

Armored Warfare 1917

Fight your enemies in the First World War and finish all the missions! Get into your tank and take over the battlefield with the troops. Reaching the final destination is not safe, so make sure you upgrade the tank and call for backup to win the war.

Genre: troop battle destination upgrades

Red Warrior

A true ninja warrior protects his friends no matter what! Join this courageous hero in a really great puzzle game with loads of different challenges. Invert the world so you can solve each mystery, avoid your enemies and collect the golden stars in your awesome rescuing mission.

Genre: collect war transform soldiers

Western Front 1914

It's World War I and this means you have to be really strong and determined to survive in the battles. Be quick, shoot the soldiers that stand in your way and complete each mission. Collect the bonuses and use the special attacks when you feel overwhelmed, there's only one that can win the war!

Genre: weapons guns upgrades battle

Battlefield Medic

World War 2 is a big part of the human history, go back to the year 1944 and see what happens on the battlefield. Drive and destroy your enemies using the car, rockets or other weapons. You have little fuel, so you can't go very far at first, the key is to visit the upgrades shop and improve your car little by little. Spend the money wisely on armors, tuning or new cars if you want to complete the missions and earn war medals in this action game.

Genre: world war 2 escape medics enemy


An extraterrestrial virus struck earth and professor Sheldon was on a verge of finding the vaccine when he went totally mad. Now Tripman, a psychedelic warrior, went into a trance and penetrated the subconscious of the scientist. Find out what lies beyond madness and free the professor's mind so he can finish his work. Take a trip to a world full of weird creatures and figure out the right solutions in this puzzle game because the fate of all humanity depends on your abilities to cure professor Sheldon.

Genre: funny mind trip trance

Tequila Zombies 2

The second war with Tequila Zombies comes with action, guns, more zombies and more tequila. Get ready to shoot zombies and save the world. Drink tequila to get powerful and run away, if you stay near the enemy your life will drop.

Genre: survive upgrade fire guns

River Wars

Enter the world of navy battles and handle armed ships. Arm the guns and aim straight to the enemy. Use your ammo wisely because you can’t shoot unlimited. Try to kill every enemy and advance to the next levels.

Genre: trebuchet attack destroy the castle bomb

WW2 Tank Rush

Back in the time of world war 2 you must rush past the enemy forces in an incredibly powerful and destructive tank. Grab some power-ups to enforge he tank and show the enemy soldiers exactly the kind of armageddon you can rain down upon them. Kill everything in your way and move around to get life bonuses and power-ups.

Genre: shooter army attack action


Meet the glorious world of the gladiators. You have to use your sword to finish the opponent. Learn to use the shield and advance to the next levels after you’re opponent is destoyed. Use various combo’s to meet the level’s request and proove yourself a valorous warrior.

Genre: world war 2 games enemy action attack