Recommended war games (90 results)

war games

Infinity Battlefield

Genre: war survive shooter royal

Call of War

Genre: action call of war fight battle

Conflict of Nations

Genre: battle conflict fight multiplayer

Supremacy 1914

Genre: fight multiplayer battle

Cat Gunner vs Zombies

Genre: war zombie gun cat

Empire - World War 3

Genre: battlefield multiplayer strategy train

Legendary Warrior Gr

Genre: warrior arrow shooting hero epic

Clash Of Warlord Orcs

Genre: royal lanes orc strategy

Hero Simulator Idle Adventures

To become a hero one must always persevere when faced with the difficult task of walking in the footsteps of a legendary warrior to make a name for himself. You have the chance to earn a glorious destiny by defeating thieves or joining guilds. So go on this grand idle adventure and turn yourself into an epic hero!

Genre: fantasy quest medieval adventure

Ultimate Legend

A warrior`s quest for greatness is full of obstacles and dangerous paths, but in order to achieve a legendary status one must face it all. Play the role of a nomad in this action game and reach the exit. Gather meat to gain more experience and strength so you will become an ultimate legend.

Genre: nomad quest obstacles collect

About war games

Online war games are a great combination of action and strategy, this is where you can put your warrior instincts to a test. The battlefields are open and the enemy army is attacking with no mercy. Use the artillery, swords and shields to be a brave fighter. Free war games give you the chance to gather up the resources you need to conquer territories, attend sieges and lead your kingdom to victory.