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Wake Up the Box 4

Wake up the box 4 is the latest puzzle game of it's series. It came with a new challenge, you must now draw the wooden objects used to wake up the box. Make sure you create the object in the right position, with the right shape in order to move the box. Sometimes it might be necessary to create more than one object and use them combined to wake up the box.

Genre: sleepy gravity awake draw

Wake Up the Box 3

A free online puzzle game with an expresive sleeping box that you must wake up. Use the objects given in every level to hit, throw or make the box fall and wake up. It will be very funny but tricky because sometimes he sleeps in safe places where you must struggle to find a solution and wake him up. The box will appreciate your effort.

Genre: awake wake up the box games sleepy gravity

Wake Up the Box 2

The boxes are back, and once again sleeping! Find ways to wake them up by placing objects on the playfield.

Genre: puzzle games awake skill sleepy

Wake Up the Box

Mr. Box sleeps to much and it is up to you to wake him up in this physic based puzzle game. He is quite sleepy, so a gentle nudge won`t do, you must make sure he gets a proper awakening. Do not show any mercy for this lazy Box!

Genre: awake skill sleepy puzzle games