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Santa Truck

Drive Santa`s truck through big snow banks and deliver Christmas gifts. You receive an order with a certain number of gifts to deliver. Load the truck with Christmas presents and deliver them into the town without losing them. You will get bonus points if you deliver more gifts than you were asked to.

Genre: sports track obstacle drive

Uphill Rush 3

You got to be the stunt champion, this is your chance. In Uphill Rush 3 you can show your real talent. Use special tricks and jump higher by each level completed. Collect bonus points, transform them in cash and buy new clothes or racing devices. Start with your moto and then buy skateboards, horsses or even cows. Watch closer, they cost a lot and have different attributes. Handle them and win every contest.

Genre: champion drive level contest skill

Epic Truck 2

If you consider yourself a good truck driver, think again! This game will challenge your driver skills with very sensitive cars on a tricky road with lots of obstacles and hills. Get to the end of the level without burning the car.

Genre: sports skill mountain truck

Mountain Rescue Driver 2

Drive the rescue car to the hospital with the patient. Solve your path through the mountains controling the hydraulics of the rescue car. Your driving must be precautious, prepare yourself for anything and watch out when you go down the valley.

Genre: car games track sports drive

Monster Trucks Attack

Destroy the cars before they get into the city they want to attack. Drag them and destroy every truck hitting them on the ground. Extra points will help you buy extra damage weapons that will help you in the next level of monster trucks attack.

Genre: truck car games action skill

Urban Truck 2

Urban Truck is back with more hellacious monster truck driving! Peform various awesome stunts, collect the gold coins and turbo your way to the finish live.

Genre: racing sports car

Pipol Smasher

For years the humans controlled the machines... and now the machines are rebelling! Take control of these big vehicle monsters and smash down those weak humans in this great physics-based puzzle game.

Genre: fun truck puzzle platform

Kill All Zombies

A horde of undead zombies have invaded your quiet little mountain town! Step behind the wheel of your big monster truck and squash those brainless buggers in this fun driving game.

Genre: speed skill drive sports


In this physics based puzzle game, you must click on fire trucks, ambulances, police cars and platforms as you try to make all of the evil vehicles fall off the screen.

Genre: truck puzzle parking platform

Extreme Trucks 3

The third version of the Extreme Trucks series brings spectacular new features like ghost car and hidden bonuses. Compete against the best players on each track, win every race and unlock new bonus levels. Bigger, faster, stronger!!

Genre: track skill car games sports

About truck games

Trucks are powerful and require lots of skills because they are heavy, hard to control and they can do some serious damage. There are a lot of challenges, so if you are into big and heavy cars, take a quick look in this category. Destroying smaller cars can give you an awesome satisfaction in trucks games and racing at high speed with a big car is much more exciting. Pick a free truck game and show your driving skills, pass over obstacles and drive on difficult roads to see if you can handle it!