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Shoot Em Zombies

The village has been invaded by zombies again and you must defend it by killing all the zombies with your truck. Drive down the valley and up on the hill, all the village until you kill all the zombies army. Any zombie that comes in your way must die. Drive like crazy and blood will come.

Genre: obstacle speed weapons fire

Coal Express 5

The fifth version of coal express came with old school trains that carry coal on hills. Command the train carefully so you won't lose the load and deliver it at the end of every level. Free online train games can be fun if you are a patient player.

Genre: transport factory drive wagon

Party Van Madness

Like a real bulldozer, in Party Van Madness you must destroy the city and citizens to get at the finiish line driving your big truck. Get over people like they were bonuses because you get points every time you kill a citizen with your big truck wheels. Drive all over the city and get your finish prize.

Genre: destroy speed obstacle drive

Uphill Rush 4

Uphill Rush 4 is the fourth installment of the awesome Uphill Rush series! Get ready to race your customized vehicle and driver on urban jungle and win the uphill battle at the finish line. Win all the three cups and master lots of vehicles in this free online sport game.

Genre: level contest drive skill champion

Santa Delivery Truck

Santa;s sledge started consuming too much and wasn't so safe for the old Christmas guy so he decided to deliver gifts with a truck. Load the truck from the elves factory and help Santa drive it and be safe. Christmas truck games can be really fun when you help deliver gifts to funny kids like you.

Genre: skill snow winter drive

Monster Truck 3D Reloaded

Free online cars game with monster trucks running on a 3d landscape. Ten hard levels are waiting for you to master driving skills on 4x4 powerful cars. You must know when to speed up and when to watch out and move slow. Stunts are a must in many cases so be prepared for some extreme driving with monster trucks 3d.

Genre: speed truck drive obstacle

Earn to Die

Earn to die is a great free online car game with lots of upgrades and cars ready to ride for killing zombies. Ride fast so you can get as far as you can, you will be paid depending on the distance you are driving with the available fuel, With the earned money you can upgrade the existing car or buy a new one to improve. Escape the town through zombies and obstacles.

Genre: zombie survive escape apocalypse

Demolition Driver

The demolition driver is a free online car game that will make flames, flying cars and crashing beasts. You are a competitor in the demolition contest. If you can destroy cars fast and permanent, you can win the big prize for the demolition driver. You can upgrade your destroyer car, add vynil to it, spoilers, bumpers, nitro and more. You also can buy a new car when you feel things aren't going as well as they should.

Genre: ramp cars explosion destroy

Bumpy Racer

Drive the bumpy racer on a tropical island and finish the race before the time goes. Every level must be finished as fast as you can because there is a given time to respect. You got nitro to help you gain a few seconds. To win the car game you must avoind crashing because it will save you time.

Genre: collect drive nitro obstacle

Dumper Truck

A new release in car games with trucks, a hardcore one. You got a heavy truck with big wheels and you need to transform it into a runner. Time is short and there is a lot to do so you got one minute to finish every level. Many obstacles and ramps, most of them bigger than anything you climbed before. Try to finish the race with the clock and deliver all the goods to the destination withoul damaging the truck, everytime you hit something or lose the control of the car, you lose important seconds that could help you win the game. If you want to truck even more truck games that will keep you trained as a big car driver.

Genre: drive skill obstacle speed

About truck games

Trucks are powerful and require lots of skills because they are heavy, hard to control and they can do some serious damage. There are a lot of challenges, so if you are into big and heavy cars, take a quick look in this category. Destroying smaller cars can give you an awesome satisfaction in trucks games and racing at high speed with a big car is much more exciting. Pick a free truck game and show your driving skills, pass over obstacles and drive on difficult roads to see if you can handle it!