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Find all the lost artifacts. The closer to the bottom of the ocean you collect them, the more valuable they are.

Genre: bubbles old puzzle games frog


Group at least five balls of the same color to eliminate them. The more balls you take out at the same time, the higher you will score. A ball can only be moved if there is a free path to the destination tile.

Genre: board games maze mind old


Build a hose as long as you can from the hydrant to the fire. Use the golden tiles to score bonus points.

Genre: hose old water puzzle games


You have to knock out your opponent as fast as you can.

Genre: funny action games adventure games old


Try to remember the color of every brick. The order in which you will be asked does not correspond to the order of appearance.

Genre: old test simon says board games


Help Caveman get back in his cave on top of the white mountain. Collect the hidden bonuses.

Genre: old platform arcade adventure games

Chicken Attack

Alert! The chickens have been infected with bird flu. Defend the Cornu Mansion.

Genre: old castle shooter games defense


You will have to brake a certain minimum number of glass balls for each level in order to advance to the next. You can only swap two neighboring balls if at least one of them will enter a formation of three or more balls of the same color.

Genre: mind old break board games

Elastic Soccer

Rubber players are the latest trend in soccer games :D Win the three minutes game.

Genre: old ball sports games match


Fly as long as you can. Pick up the Holy Wings and avoid the birds.
The haystacks can help you but also they can stop you... Be careful and fly low ;) Don't waste your energy.

Genre: skill old action games monastery