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Empire - World War 3

Genre: multiplayer train strategy battlefield

Muhammad Ali: Puzzle King

We found for you a new train game. Train and fight with the greatest boxers on earth and match your way to the world championships!

Genre: skills boxing match 3 boxer

Andy's Golf

Train at Andy's Golf Course to become the best golf player, here, you will face challenge after challenge, that will surely improve your skills. Overcome the obstacles in the way with a small number of golf strokes for a perfect score and hit a hole in one!

Genre: obstacles hole in one score skills

StrikeForce Kitty League

The kitty kingdom and its rivals have made peace, but to keep it they have organized a league of fighters that will compete in battle tournaments. Create your own team of fighting kitties and train them well so you can defeat the raccoons and foxes in the new amazing installment of StrikeForce Kitty.

Genre: enemies cats upgrade collect

StrikeForce Kitty 2

Another game from the train game category. The brave 4 kittens have returned to rescue their kingdom from the attacks of the evil foxes! Get ready for battle, steal your enemie`s equipment to gain special skills, take your team to the gym and train them to become fearsome warriors. Collect lots of fish and open treasure chests to uncover hidden artifacts that will help you defeat the foxes.

Genre: upgrade cats enemies collect

Police Sniper Training

Do you want to know what it`s like to be a police sniper? Now it`s your chance to learn the skills of a highly trained shooter. Hit the center of the targets, look for hidden badges and make sure you only shoot the indicated color marks or else you will receive penalties. Shoot terrorists and hit all the targets fast to get a high score and special bonuses.

Genre: training practice target guns

Train Raiders

Your mission is to guard the train from a dangerous mob of raiders with a machine gun. Get ready to take on the bad guys and to throw grenades whenever they are getting too close to the cargo. Destroy the evil raiders and upgrade your skills to survive their attacks. A popular train game, among the gaming websites.

Genre: adventure enemies upgrades kill

Furry Fighter

The Cat God is giving you his special powers so you can fight and win the wrestling championship. Train yourself on poles and learn how to use your claws, then face your opponents and win the match. To be a stronger cat you can upgrade your health, power or speed and even buy new equipment like boots, spikes or helmets. The arena is waiting for you!

Genre: upgrades opponent animals wrestling

Railroad Shunting Puzzle 2

Railroad Shunting Puzzle is a train game that will challenge your ability to organize a depot of trains. Each train wagon has it's own type of load that must be taken to the right station. Get the wagons to the right station, solving the puzzle. A popular train game, among the gaming websites.

Genre: wagons stations locomotive connect

West Train

West train is an online puzzle game that will challenge your ability to shape the railway so the train can get all the money in it's way. Find the right shape that would cover all the money and start the train.

Genre: funny old skill money