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Forest Mania

Another game from the timer game category.

Genre: timer relaxing timekiller match3

Once Upon a Life

Memories disappear as we get older if we don`t hold on to them, and this old timer will stop at nothing from remembering his past. Join the adventure and try to collect all the photos. There are many obstacles which you have to get through, so use your helpful jetpack to defeat the enemies and help our here remember his life.

Genre: memories arcade obstacles hero

Building Blaster

Blast your way to victory in this explosive new puzzle game! Choose the strength of explosives, set their timers and sit back and watch the pieces fly! But don't go bomb crazy because this demolition simulation is not about mindless destruction.

Genre: timer games puzzle games dynamite fire

Neo Orb

Follow the story of Space Chicken as he travels to ancient ruins in search of hidden wonders. Unlike some other swapping-puzzle games, Neo Orb allows for total freedom to set up chains, letting you make any move you want at any time. Just be sure to keep an eye on that timer!

Genre: swap puzzle games level time