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Werebox 2

Werebox 2 is the second version of the physics puzzle game with boxes that become balls with a click. You must use your powers to eliminate the red, bad shapes from the game and keep the good ones on the table. Develop short strategies at the start of every level to achieve the perfect puzzle solution.

Genre: physics ravity table games remove

Puzzle Thief

We found for you a new table game. Puzzle Thief is a free online game that will challenge your ability to plan your moves at the beginning of every level. You must clear the table full of cubes by matching the same color cubes. You can control a little man that will move the cubes for you. Arrange the cubes so they can be eliminated and win the levels.

Genre: skill remove colors block

Legend of Ping Pong

A well created ping pong flash game with a smart computer opponent and semi 3d game view. Be accurate on your angles of hitting or it will be the end of you.

Genre: championship master sport games 3d

Beach Cafe

Serve the customers well to earn maximum score. Take an order, clean the table, place an order, get food as well as dispose the wastes. Don't make the customers wait too long or you loose a life.

Genre: serve client adventure games drink

Big Diamond

Your goal in this billiards-type skill game is to knock all of the silver balls off the board with the golden ball. You have a limited number of shots to do so and you must not let your ball go out of play.

Genre: goal skill billiard board games

Crazy Pool

We found for you a new table game. Collide pairs of balls of the same color to make them disappear and clear the table. Try to do this in the least shots possible. Get bonus points for fast playing!

Genre: match sports games colors old

Da Bomb Pong

Keep the bomb on your opponent's side or it will explode in your face.

Genre: old sports games table tennis

Verti Pool

You will have to align the pool balls in the correct order and then hit the bumper with the requested ball. A popular table game, among the gaming websites.

Genre: trial old table sports games

Real Pool

Win the classic game of Pool (8 balls).

Genre: skill table old sports games

Hit the Looser

Hit the loser with the cue ball.

Genre: table old sports games ball