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Tog Jungle Runner

Help Tog avoid the mammoth in this infinite running game by making him jump, swing, bounce and glide through the jungle. Collect fruit to power a rapid dash that can destroy obstacles and help you get ahead!

Genre: playpod glide jump tog

Grapple Cat

A big wave is heading towards the beach and this fierce cat has to get away from it. Run as fast as you can, swing with the grappling hook to safety and look out for obstacles. In this fast-paced game every move is important so be careful and don`t let the wave catch up to you!

Genre: wave skills obstacles animals

Keep An Eye

A swing game specially for you. Help the weird creatures of this puzzle game deliver a healthy eye to their special customer. Each little monster has a super power, you can swing, retract and freeze the eye in order to make it reach the exit of each level. Take good care of it in your journey and don't smash it too many times or else the eye will be useful.

Genre: physics swing monsters creatures

Orange Gravity 2 Level Pack

Orange Gravity 2 is back with a new and fun level pack. The square orange must collect all the bonus items in each level and then find its way to the exit door. In order to complete the task, make her swing or hang by cutting the ropes and moving the objects. Sometimes you have to change gravity to finish the level. If you hurry up your, score is higher so try to be fast in finding the best solution for this challenging puzzle game. A popular swing game, among the gaming websites.

Genre: solutions levels ropes orange gravity 2


Toxic waste created mutant flies that destroyed almost everything on Earth. Some people are trapped in bunkers and it's your job to save them. As a frog you can jump, move objects and swing using the tongue. Exercise your skills to solve the puzzle, reach the flies to eat them, but be careful because they attack when you are near them. Collect the bottle caps to get extra points in this physics game. One of the latest swing games.

Genre: flies skill funny frog

Fly Zombie Fly 2

Fly zombie fly 2 is a distance action game with upgrades and zombies to throw away in order to escape town. Swing the zombie and release him from the machine in order to fly as far as he can. For every throw you get money based on how far you went, the money can be used to upgrade your gear so zombie can fly further next time.

Genre: fly throw escape swing

Baseball Smash

Be an angry baseball player in free online sports games and smash everything starting with windows, buildings, cars, in order to have fun and score as much as you can. Don't stop until you destroy anything you can.

Genre: challenge strike target swing

Diamonds and Dreams

Hit the baseball field and show us what you got. Collect points to solve the levels, you have limited balls so do not mess it up. Try the home runs and avoid sending the ball into the opponent’s hand. You can also hit the 2X or 3X bonus spaces. Use your mouse and your handling skill.

Genre: swing games bat swing sports

Pogo Swing

Swinging games are pretty funny but when you can earn money from this it sounds really interesting. Use your keyboard to swing better and harder and when you think you are ready just jump! On your way you can fall in various elements like giant mushrooms who can make you jump higher. Earn money and buy new upgrades, maybe a kite to fly around.

Genre: action upgrade adventure launch

One Button Arthur

One Button Arthur is a one-click action game controlled using the left mouse button. You are king Arthur and you need to pass various levels through numerous traps. Figure out how to safely get through each screen and to ultimate goal ... the sword in the stone! On some screens clicking will make Arthur jump, on others he will swing his sword and so on.

Genre: action adventure enemy obstacle