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Hopping Boys

Genre: runner running superhero super jump games

Super Frog

The funny little frog has to prove she can be Super Frog! Help her avoid obstacles in nature and get her to the exit. Jump on platforms, use your skills and try to be precise in this new puzzle game. If you are quick enough, you can get extra points, so don't lose so much time thinking everything through. A popular super jump game, among the gaming websites.

Genre: skill funny platforms physics

Super Trail

A powerful engine, a great moto driver, many traps that form a dangerous route and the awesome motorcycle game was born. Get ready to start making stunts in the air, jumping so you won't fall, running and getting the best from your moto in order to win every level.

Genre: nitro money race drive

Bike Jungle

Conquer the jungle obstacles shoulder to shoulder with the moto-monkey. Use your skills to jump over the hippos, crocodiles, giraffes and elements of nature. Take care, driving this bike isn’t easy, you don’t want to break it and replay the level. Your goal is simple: You have to drive safe and get to the end of the level and try to beat the record time.

Genre: motorcycle car games monkey funny

Super Champ

You are preparing yourself for the motorcycle championship, You got a very powerful motorcycle which it is pretty difficult to handle so take care of it. The scrap yard you are training in has lots of things you can use as obstacles and some interesting ramps that will make everything even harder. Finish all the levels by keeping your moto on the road and jump all the obstacles.

Genre: sports super jump games motorcycle skill

Super Mario World Flash

Play the classical Mario now in the Flash version.

Genre: enemy adventure game arcade platform