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Slice and blow up structures to get all the gold!

Genre: slice gold treasure blow up

Disaster Will Strike 6

Crack dinosaur eggs in this new part of the puzzle game Disaster Will Strike. Use all the natural disasters to move things around, comets to destroy walls or earthquakes to get rid of earth patches. Rescue the bird eggs and think of the right answer. This structure game is really worth playing.

Genre: skill gravity physics platform

Disaster Will Strike Defender

Use natural disasters to stop the evil dinosaur eggs from destroying the bird eggs in this new puzzle game. Create earthquakes, winds, floods and landslides to smash your enemy to pieces. Save the bird eggs from extinction and don`t let the dinosaur ones win.

Genre: platform skill gravity physics

Disaster Will Strike 4

Today we have a new structure game. Play the role of God in this fourth part of the puzzle game Disaster Will Strike and stop the eggs from multiplying! Destroy the dinosaur eggs using natural disasters like earthquakes and floods to move them around. Solve each level until the end and challenge yourself!

Genre: platform physics skill gravity

Cover Orange: Wild West

The acid rain has reached even the Wild West and it's threatening to destroy everything in the way once more. Use the objects you have to create a strong structure that will protect the oranges from the deadly cloud. Sometimes you have to move objects placing explosives in key point, use this in your advantage and help the oranges survive in each level of the puzzle game.

Genre: gravity funny physics puzzle

Save Astronauts 2

Today we have a new structure game. Astronauts are being attacked by aliens and you must save them from the destructive power of the UFO's laser. Use different objects to build shelters so that the laser doesn't hit the astronauts. Solid structures resist better during the attack and the faster you build the more points you gain so have fun solving the levels in the puzzle game.

Genre: obstacles enemies objects aliens

Disaster Will Strike 3

Let's cause more natural disasters in the third part of the puzzle game Disaster Will Strike! Crack the dinosaur eggs quickly using natural elements like earthquakes and winds that can move around items. Challenge yourself and see if you can solve each level until the end.

Genre: physics skill platform gravity

Joy Stacker

This is a great physics game with lots of different and funny shapes you can stack up. Create a well balanced structure using happy squares, triangles or red circles and make it last to win each challenge. Checking out the wind direction and being as creative as you can will surely be helpful solving the puzzle game.

Genre: objects gravity funny shapes

Coastal Cannon

The island is being under attack by pirates! Take control of the battle and use your cannon to destroy the buildings and structures where the enemies stay hidden. Set the right angle, shoot bombs with the right power and have some fun figuring out how to win the puzzle game. This structure game is really worth playing.

Genre: bombs destroy explosive fire

Sushi vs Blockies

Survive the attack of the sushi to win the levels in the new puzzle game. The only way to defend yourself is to build strong structures. Drop the shapes quickly and form the perfect cover so that the sushi won’t even get near you.

Genre: physics skill logical gravity