Recommended sponge bob games (5 results)

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Who Bob What Pants

You're CheeseHead, and you have to trap the Bubble Poppin Boys in your bubbles and get rid them! A very fun sponge bob game.

Genre: action games attack pop enemy

Ship O Ghouls

In this funny platform game you have to help Sponge Bob Squarepants to escape from Flying Dutchman's haunted wreck. Collect the bonuses and get him out through pipes as fast as you can!

Genre: pirates adventure games arcade platform

Dutchmans Dash

Collect items for points, avoid enemies and rescue snail Gary! A very fun sponge bob game.

Genre: action games monster bob adventure games

Patty Panic

Help Spongebob make giant patty burgers by walking over the ingredients. Watch out for baddies and collect the bonuses!

Genre: adventure games bob sponge action games

Sea Monster Smoosh

Blow up the sea monsters and find the treasure! Collect the items and power-ups to gain points!

Genre: bob sponge adventure games action games