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Rogue Soul 2

Yet another soul game! The adventurous thief is back and plans to steal more money than ever before in this great game sequel of Rogue Soul. Play the role of the bandit, steal the loot from your enemies and complete dangerous missions. Jump over and slide under different obstacles in your way and attack the armed soldiers. Upgrade your skills with the money collected and you will become an invincible rogue.

Genre: enemy jump-n-run dodge enemy

A Ghostly Journey

Join a friendly ghost in a world full of obstacles and surprises. You can possess the living to solve the puzzles and collect the lost souls, but watch out for the light. Because you are a phantom, the darkness is your friend and accomplice. Now find out where this journey takes you and have fun!

Genre: collect exit possess souls

Snail Bob 5

We found for you a new soul game. Snail Bob fell in love and he is not going to give up until he finds his soul mate once more! Join him in another fun and crazy adventure, change the mechanisms in this colorful world and help Bob reach the exit safe. Find the golden stars that are hidden in the puzzle game and collect them for a high score at the end of each level.

Genre: adventure puzzle love story platform

Pirates S.O.S.

When evil pirates won the fight on the sea, the spirits on the ghost ship were all trapped in bottles. It's up to the talking parrot to save his comrades by shooting the glass bottles with his gun. This puzzle game requires skill and precision because the bullets can ricochet, think about the solution well before pulling the trigger and don't waste any precious ammo.

Genre: shooter souls bottles ricochet

Gilmo - The Inner Self

Gilmo is a funny little shape that landed in a strange world full of evil plants and obstacles along the way. Shift his soul to use the objects and find a way to pass each challenge. The colorful levels of this puzzle game will keep you focused and entertained right until the very end.

Genre: platformer objects control soul

Soul Shift

Have fun with the characters in this new physics game and try to solve the puzzle from each level. The goal is to shift the shape of the objects in order to remove all the red ones. Find out the story of the Soul Shift Machine within the game as you use your skills to make the necessary moves and pass the obstacles.

Genre: gravity physics remove skill

Dark Soul

You unlock a door into another dimension, a dimension of darkness, fear and pain. Use your weapons to shoot dark creatures in this shooting game online. Collect health and other useful items so you can hang on in front of the enemy. Upgrade your gear with the earned money.

Genre: horror darkness beast demons

Jacko in Hell 2

The second version of Jacko in Hell came with new adventures, pets ready to help you, souls to collect for upgrades and many more. Start the adventure in Jacko in Hell 2 and save his bone-made soul escape from hell.

Genre: skill obstacle crow pumpkin

Rogue Soul

A soul game specially for you. You are a thief that steals money and runs away from justice. Make sure you don't stop by jumping over and sliding under obstacles in your way to steal money and grow your capture until you can be well rewarded for your illegal actions in this great action game.

Genre: dodge jump-n-run enemy enemy

Cruel Balls

Cruel balls and Angry Birds are using pretty much the same idea, one is cruel, the other is angry, both shoot themselves through cannons to destroy buildings and release captured souls. Use the cannon to shoot balls that will destroy buildings and will set the squares free.

Genre: attack castle physics soul games