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Santa's Gift Jump

It's Christmas Eve and Santa went skating on the frozen lake near his house. Just for a few minutes before he has to fly in his sleigh...

Genre: skate christmas adventure games action games

Ice Racer

Drive through all levels and avoid crashing the car more than five times.

Genre: snow old winter sports games

Nordic Chill

Multiple challenges in this winter game ;)

Genre: sports games snow winter old

Pingu Throw

Hit the penguin and throw him as far as you can. Hit him hard!!

Genre: adventure games snow winter action games

Orca Slap

It's easy! Just try to stick the penguins as close to the target as you can ;)

Genre: target action games adventure games old

Seal Bounce

Throw the penguin as high as you can.

Genre: adventure games action games throw old


Kill all the monsters and return to the North Pole. Throw snowballs at them until they are covered with snow, then walk next to them and throw another snowball.

Genre: adventure games old action games monster

Nightmare Vacation

Save Muriel from the hands of the lava creatures. Use your snowball cannon to defeat the monsters.
Kill all the monsters to advance to the next level.

Genre: action games monster old adventure games

Rudolf's Revenge

Finally Rudolf's revenge time has come. Throw Santa as high as possible and collect as many presents as you can.

Genre: adventure games action games cartoon old

Jingle Ballistics

Santa enters the street fight competitions. Knock Out your opponent.

Genre: action games fight adventure games old