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snipe games

Sniper Clash

Genre: shoot shooting action multiplayer

Sniper Team

Lone Wolf, Ghost, Zero Dog and Hammer are the four brave soldiers in Sniper Team. Each of them can defend the base in different areas, select the right one when the enemies are attacking. Aim and kill the bad guys using your weapons. The rifle gives you supersonic precision, the machine gun offers high speed but low damage so choose the one you need to survive the day. After each fight make a stop at the shop in order to improve the level of damage, ammo or reload and unlock new weapons in this shooter game.

Genre: mission guns fire soldier

Dawn of the Sniper 2

In the research facility a terrible accident happened while performing an experiment, causing a zombie outbreak which only an skilled sniper can stop. Save survivors from the waves of the undead by shooting the monsters before they get to humans. Be precise and hit the zombies straight in the head, don`t forget to reload and become a hero.

Genre: survivor skills outbreak upgrades

Police Sniper Training

Do you want to know what it`s like to be a police sniper? Now it`s your chance to learn the skills of a highly trained shooter. Hit the center of the targets, look for hidden badges and make sure you only shoot the indicated color marks or else you will receive penalties. Shoot terrorists and hit all the targets fast to get a high score and special bonuses.

Genre: target training guns practice

Stealth Sniper

Your job is to eliminate criminals around the world as a sniper and complete risky missions. Shoot the henchmen and make sure they don`t alert the others or the whole operation will be ruined. Once you go through all the guards, their leader will try to escape so try to shoot him before he gets away. Use the focus mode to slow down time and get a perfect aim at your target. Remember to reload and destroy all the bad guys quickly!

Genre: upgrades weapons damage sniper

Strike Force Heroes 2

Strike Force Heroes 2 is a great shooter game that gives you the chance to customize your player. Choose one of the 5 soldiers: will it be the engineer, the general, mercenary, sniper or juggernaut? The abilities and weapons you pick will make the biggest difference in each mission you have to complete. A well equipped army will get you far in the shooter game so check the shop for new guns. If you feel lucky enough, try the Slot Machine because it can provide some powerful items that will help you win the campaign.

Genre: mission army war action

Decay of Men

Decay of Men is an awesome game in which you can practice your shooting skills and feel the thrill of action. Aim as precise as you can to kill the bad guys before they kill you and then collect the items you need to complete each mission. Upgrade the reload speed, firing rate or accuracy of your weapons and buy some new ones in order to have better chances at winning the shooter game.

Genre: sniper fire enemy attack


A great online shooting game with zombies to kill in order to save the world. Seems simple but it won't be, aim every zombie and get him down with as few bullets as you can.

Genre: explosion physics skill enemy

Silent Killer 2

The Silent Killer is a sniper that takes by surprise his enemies by shooting them after a lot of planning and calculating angles of the shot. If you want to be a perfect silent killer than you must be patient and wise to shoot only once and deadly for your target. In the second version of Silent Killer you have to get rid of a bunch of enemy soliders that are watching from different buildings. When choosing your shooting target you can also an explosive object near the enemy. If you shoot it that will cause an explosion killing all your enemies around it. Use every resource wisely, don't waste bullets and don't hurry, just like a sniper. After every solider is dead maybe you want to try some more shooting games that will keep you trained until the next mission.

Genre: sniper soldier destroy army

Rabbit Sniper 3

Arm your sniper and shoot every enemy to complete the levels. Use your shooting skills and destroy the opponent using single shots. Be a killer sniper and enjoy the action.

Genre: guns physics weapon action