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Artillery Rush 2

Today we have a new sling game. Artillery Rush is back with new challenges, join the brave soldiers in another dangerous war and conquer the enemy camp. What a great way to practice your aiming skills and have fun at the same time, right? Use the cannon to destroy the buildings, see what types of ammo are available and accomplish all the missions in the puzzle game.

Genre: slingshot physics buildings destruction

Rocket Launchers

All the sheeps are frozen and you must find a way to warm them up in today's puzzle game! Charge the slingshot, set the right angle and shoot the sheeps to defrost them. If you want to pass the obstacles, try to redirect the rockets and don't forget to collect the golden stars. These will help you get a good score by the end of each level.

Genre: sheep. funny collect skill rocket

Tommy Slingshot

Tommy wants to be a hero and rescue the children that were kidnapped by evil monsters. He uses a slingshot to kill the enemies so it's your duty to help him aim right. Make a stop at the shop to buy some new items like bigger stones, ammo belt or a special shield. These will help you stay strong and win the puzzle game.

Genre: slingshot rescue sling games physics

Artillery Rush

There are two sides to every battle, alied forces or occupation troops, what's it gonna be? Whatever you choose, get on the battlefield and show your best destruction skills to get rid of the enemies. Different kinds of projectiles are available for you to get pass the obstacles and get your missions done. Be skillful using your cannon because the ammo is not unlimited.

Genre: buildings destruction slingshot physics

Angry Aliens

Angry birds is a popular game among action games fans. This is the version with aliens so it should be Angry Aliens use the sling to throw little aliens that kick the enemies. Defeat all the enemies in the level using as few aliens as you can. Angry Birds is about calculating angles, having ambition to succeed and having fun throwing away aliens.

Genre: funny skill structure gravity

Cool West

Eliminate all the penguins even they are undercover or defended. Prepare you giant sling and throw in them with varios animals: sheeps, cows or squirrels. Win this funny fight using your imagination and win as many bonus points as you can. Solve every level in short time to recive more points.

Genre: funny physics puzzle action

Big Evil Robots

The Planet Earth was invaded by big evil robots. You are just a kid so get your sling and throw stones in their cores. Use your mouse to set the target and hit the weak spot. Sometimes you have to unlock their mecanism to expose the core. Don’t let them colonize the Earth.

Genre: fire robot skill shoot

Sling Wars

Your goal is to conquer the whole world using your slings and items on the ground. You can increase one of your four skills after each level.

Genre: oppenent sling games fire action games

Sling Ice Junior

Yet another sling game! Toss Junior around at the right angles to strategically make your way while avoiding obstacles.

Genre: adventure game skill obstacle maze

Sling Junior

Toss Junior around at the right angles to strategically make your way while avoiding obstacles.

Genre: adventure games drag action games elastic