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Fruit Slasher

Genre: timing knife reaction slice

Veggie Slicer

Genre: timing slice vegetables slice games


Slice and blow up structures to get all the gold!

Genre: slice gold blow up treasure

Black Bit Ninja 2

You are a skilled ninja who is ready to take on dangerous missions and destroy all of your enemies. Slice the red ninjas and test your physics skills in this new puzzle game. There are a limited number of moves which you can make, so use them wisely. Aim carefully at every target, avoid obstacles and make sure there are no ninjas left.

Genre: obstacles physics solution objective

Slice the Box

Cardboard boxes can be really fun when you are all alone at home with nothing else to do. Start practicing your creativity and use your skills to slice the boxes in the exact given shape. It may seem an easy task, but after a while you must really think your moves ahead if you want to finish the puzzle game.

Genre: shape skill boxes cut

Zombogrinder 2

You destroyed the zombies in round one of Zombogrinder but now the zombies are back, and they want REVENGE in the 2nd edition of this zombie apocalypse distance game. Upgrade your ride and slice and destroy the undead.

Genre: drive attack apocalypse destroy

Knightmare Tower

You must climb to the top of every tower to save the princess. The tower is guarded by monsters that keep you away from your princess so you must slice them. Slash the monsters but be aware of those who can harm you. Some of them can throw away poison while others may develop spikes to protect themselves.

Genre: bounce monsters action achievements

Achilles 2 - Origin of a Legend

Achilles 2 origin of a legend is a cruel, violent fighting game between barbarian Achilles and the greek army. Fight like a gladiator using spears to sting, swords to slice enemies and your body parts to apply powerful hits that would kill other gladiators. Make Achilles a legend between gladiators for the second time in free online fighting games,

Genre: greek hero warrior spear

Kick the Block

The red and the green teams are fighting and it all started from a red block. You must calm down the situations by getting the red figures out of the picture in every level. Cut the rope, slice some wood, do anything to trap the red team and eliminate it from the game while keeping the green members safe. It's a great free online puzzle game but it can turn to be really hard if you don't pay enough attention to solve every level.

Genre: gravity funny physics box

Ninja Katana

Slice, Dice, and Destroy hordes of enemy ninjas in this all-out combo-fest. Enter Marseilles, a hired Ninja Assassin. Fight across 16 levels of progressively stronger ninjas as you upgrade your character to untold levels of greatness. With plenty of Sword, Blade weapons and Projectiles at your disposal, you can craft and create the perfect warrior.

Genre: action blood projectile blade