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Zombo Gems

Today we have a new similar game. You ran out of fuel in the middle of nowhere and now you must get rid of zombies to escape the desert. Connect similar gems to shoot or throw a heavy weapon on your enemies and refill the gas tank. Create combos to increase the damage and get more fuel. Upgrade your vehicle with better weapons that will help you protect it from the zombie attacks.

Genre: connect upgrades match groups

Mario Gun

Mario is equipped with a powerful hand cannon that will help him put down enemies. The game play is similar to Angry Birds so you must calculate the angle of the cannon, the power you will shoot with and the weak point of your enemies. When everything is set, release the bomb from the cannon so Mario can with those bad guys and get to the next level. This similar game is really worth playing.

Genre: mushroom kingdom angry birds destroy

Acrobat Smashers

Similar to Angry Birds, Acrobat Smashers is an action physics game that will keep you entertained for hours. You must release clowns that are isolated by smashing other clowns in the buildings. Load the cannon with a clown and shoot it to release the prisoner. A very fun similar game.

Genre: cannon smash funny circus

Hungry Bobby Bear

With a concept similar to Cut the Rope, Hungry Bobby Bear is a physics game with lots of challenging levels. Try to feed the little bear by eliminating obstacles between him and his fruits. Hungry Bobby Bear game has increasing difficulty so it will become harder to feed him.

Genre: animals feed physics fruits

Capture the Castle

You must extend your area of influence in this free strategy game by leading your troops to conquer the enemy castle. Similar to Civilization Wars, you must upgrade the already conquered castles, gain gold coins and keep the enemy away from your castles. When you have enough troops to overwhelm the enemy by number, start sending them to their castle, you must own him.

Genre: defend war kingdom attack

Go Get Her

A distance game that can be a lot of fun because the main goal is to reach your beautiful girlfriend at the end of the trip. From another point of view the car distance game is similar to Earn to die, you have a car to drive and you must upgrade it in order to have more fuel, a powerful engine and other details that will help you go further. When the car has reached it's maximum capacity it's time to buy a new one. All to get the girl of your dreams.

Genre: distance target truck drive

Cats Cannon

Very similar to Angry Birds, Cats Cannon is a game about throwing angry cats to kill bad dogs. A funny yet hard to master game that will make you wish one more level every time. Select a cat, put it into the cannon, adjust the angle of shooting to target the dogs area and than release the cat. A very fun similar game.

Genre: physics funny attack animals

Battalion Nemesis

A turn-based strategy game similar to Advance Wars. Command your units in different scenarios to destroy the enemy's units and capture their properties.

Genre: water attack adventure games bomb