Recommended shooter games (90 results)

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Super Mega Battle Robot

The alien space ships you have to face in this game are about to destroy each and every part of you. Aim precisely, move continuously to dodge the bullets and defeat your enemies! You can upgrade your core, body and weapons for your super mega robot and win the war!

Genre: bullets fire aim upgrades

Rapid Fire 2

You have to deal with a lot of enemies to win the battles in this new shooter game. Defend your territory using the cannon, shooting fast is the key to win against those soldiers. Spend your money on upgrades, these will increase your chances of winning the shooter game.

Genre: shoot weapons skills aim

Teddy Bear Picnic Massacre

You are an angry teddy bear that wants to destroy everything in the way! Shoot the other bears that are coming to stop you and open up the gifts that you receive along the way, you can get loaded with different types of weapons. Increase your damage, health or ammo and get ready for a dangerous teddy bear massacre!

Genre: bonuses guns weapons attack

Dead Paradise 3

Car chases, bombs and a world with only one hope! The new sequel of Dead Paradise is here with new missions and challenging levels. Drive, shoot away the enemies and try to keep safe the team of scientists that are travelling along with you. They are the only ones who can stop this chaos!

Genre: truck drive car games apocalyptic

Dead Zed 2

Zombies are coming to get you, stay focused and start shooting immediatly if you want to survive in this awesome shooter game. Use different types of weapons depending on the targets and see what supplies you can find after each wave. The survivors and upgrades are also important, they will help you get through this horrible apocalypse.

Genre: weapons undead survive upgrade

Free Fred

Fight the enemies that abducted your dolphin in a shooter game with ships, helicopters and crazy missiles. Aim in the right direction and try to stay alive as much as you can. After each battle, upgrade your ship, this will help you get one step closer to saving your friend.

Genre: fire helicopter rescue survive

Magical Glory

You are a fierce archer, ready to fight the creatures of evil that are coming to attack your fortress! Aim and shoot arrows in the right direction, upgrade your powers and don't let the enemies get to you. Kill them all before it's too late!

Genre: empire aim defend upgrades

Death Lab

Kill your enemies in a really awesome shooter game with soldiers and challenging missions. This is your chance to try cool strategies, use all sorts of army weapons like grenades or tesla guns, upgrade them and destroy everything in the way. At times you can even use acid for a more efficient strike, just figure out a way to use it without losing too much ammo.

Genre: upgrades ammo enemies fire

Sift Heads Cartels Act 3

Get ready for some awesome action in Sift Head Cartels Act 3! Sneak up like a professional killer and stay focused. Enemies can attack at any moment! Fight them using your special combat moves or shoot them in breath taking car chases. Survive the missions and you'll be one step closer to success.

Genre: mafia guns cartel fire

Tower Breaker 2: Across the Seas

The king needs to buy a ship from his enemy, but evil Valerius doesn't want to seal the deal. You have no choice but to attack his soldiers with no mercy. Use the cannon to destroy the buildings and kill Valerius's army, the faith of your people is in your hands.

Genre: cannon breakable objects king soldier