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Feed Us Happy

Yet another shark game! Keeping the piranha safe under water can be quite a challenge with all the deadly sharks and obstacles around. Use your skills to swim and kill in a new and awesome action game. Upgrading the piranha's body will help you finish the tasks and go further in this bloody adventure.

Genre: horror bloody attack upgrade

Feed Us 5

Feed Us 5, one of the best horror games ever, is back with a new species of Piranha that can destroy everything with no mercy. Sink boats, attack the desperate people that are trying to escape and complete the objectives. You may be a dangerous fish, but sharks can kill you in the blink of an eye so try to avoid them. Upgrade your jaws, spine, tail or fins to be more efficient and stay focused until the end.

Genre: bloody upgrade horror attack

Paper Pirates

Pirates are dangerous sea hunters and we must get rid of them in this free online puzzle game. Use your mind to find out what items can you remove, inflate or modify to make the pirate food for sharks. Sometimes pirates floating on sea took with them some crew members of the ship. You must take care of them and make sure you throw only pirates in the water. The shark can't wait to eat pirate flash. Best pirate games are online for free at .

Genre: water funny remove shark

Frantic Frigates

A shark game specially for you. Fight against other pirates and shoot the sharks. Kill them all to complete the levels. Destroy the boss but avoid the fatal shots.

Genre: destroy enemy action upgrade

Sydney Shark

In this amazing action game you control a shark with a temper. It is up to you to sink your teeth into as much unsuspecting victims as you can. Jump onto boats, bite down on swimmers and knock planes from the sky. Try to achieve total destruction on your rampage.

Genre: action water terror monster