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running games

Free Running

Parkour is another kind of sport, from the streets. Run, jump between buildings and climb walls without fear because parkour guys aren`t fear of pain or urban obstacles. Collect M signs to get a big score and don`t miss the video cams because they give many points. Don`t fall when you jump and run fast, the clock is watching.

Genre: urban funky city obstacle

Sonic Moto

Enough with the running already! Sonic the Hedgehog has bought himself a little moto to save some energy. Help the spikey haired hero ride through this island, pull off some tricks, collect the rings and try to score as high as possible.

Genre: sports racing race arcade

Ice Cream Dash

Time is running out and you got yourself some ice creams to sell. Grab your mouse and start clicking away. Make yourself some cold hard cash and set up your own business in Ice Cream Dash.

Genre: business customer serv adventure games

Ultimate Flash Sonic

Select your favorite character and complete each level by running to the end point. Avoid the enemies or jump on them!

Genre: action games platform run adventure games