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running games

Awesome Tanks

Run and gun whilst you post up in your tank full of awesomeness! This challenging and fast paced game will tickle your pickle for harsh running and gunning games.Upgrade your tank and cause maximum destruction driving this awesome tank.

Genre: enemy weapon attack destroy

300 Miles to Pigsland

300 miles must run a little pig to get to Pigsland. Avoid enemies, collect money, upgrade your stuff, get armor and more little pigs to replace you after death. They are running and you must jump when they need to collect money and avoid enemies or traps. Pigs can fly because our little pigs will fly if you take the special ability and you will be able to collect money in the air. A very funny free online action game.

Genre: run enemy escape funny

Monster Truck 3D Reloaded

Free online cars game with monster trucks running on a 3d landscape. Ten hard levels are waiting for you to master driving skills on 4x4 powerful cars. You must know when to speed up and when to watch out and move slow. Stunts are a must in many cases so be prepared for some extreme driving with monster trucks 3d.

Genre: obstacle drive speed truck

Pixel Quest

PixelArt is so cool that it will never die. We all enjoy an adventure with a brave explorer in a pixelate decor. Pixel Quest is a treasure chase running over obstacles, using tricks and special abilities only an explorer could have. Help our hero finish every level by passing obstacles and dangerous zones to get the treasure.

Genre: trap hunter skill explore


Raccbeat is an action game you will love. Run around the world collecting fruits and jumping around. A very entertaining free online game, you must help the little creature jump from a platform to another to collect fruits and keep running to finish the level. It's simple and fun, just perfect.

Genre: run animals skill racoon

Dumper Truck

A new release in car games with trucks, a hardcore one. You got a heavy truck with big wheels and you need to transform it into a runner. Time is short and there is a lot to do so you got one minute to finish every level. Many obstacles and ramps, most of them bigger than anything you climbed before. Try to finish the race with the clock and deliver all the goods to the destination withoul damaging the truck, everytime you hit something or lose the control of the car, you lose important seconds that could help you win the game. If you want to truck even more truck games that will keep you trained as a big car driver.

Genre: drive obstacle skill speed


It`'s Halloween and Draka is a scaring game with expressive spiders hanging around to scare people. Use this Halloween game to enjoy scaring people. Cut the rope of the spider, the spider nest, in order to cause him fall on innocent people. When they will see they got a spider running on them that will scare them to death.

Genre: halloween transform vampire rope

Mad Mine Truck

The mad mine truck is running around transporting coal in free online games. Drive the big truck though obstacles and take the cargo to the destination without losing anything of it or damaging the car. Be as fast as you can and get as safe as you can, even if you are a mad mine truck.

Genre: transport skill obstacle drive

Run Ninja Run

Your goal in this ninja platform-runner is to escape and run as far as possible without stopping. Jump over walls, collect gold bars, complete big slides, attack your enemies and earn cool achievements. After you run you can upgrade your skills and speed for a better ninja getaway.

Genre: skill achievements attack collect

iStunt 2

Extreme sport games with a snowboard running on mountains at high speed. Control the snowboard, collect ten stars in every level and do stunts for even more points. Go through this adventure without fear of sport or snow.

Genre: obtacle sports tricks winter