Recommended runner games (14 results)

runner games

Cat Run

Genre: endless cat run runner

Run Panda Run

Genre: panda runner platform run

Hopping Boys

Genre: jump running superhero runner

Wham O Slip N Slide

Genre: slide surfers lanes surf

Run Bunny Run!

This is a really good runner game.

Genre: jump and run reaction bunny runner

Ninja Ranmaru

In this endless runner you must not only run endlessly but also battle against enemies. Choose between attack or defense and avoid obstacles. This runner game is really worth playing.

Genre: obstacles runner adventure action

Tog Jungle Runner

Help Tog avoid the mammoth in this infinite running game by making him jump, swing, bounce and glide through the jungle. Collect fruit to power a rapid dash that can destroy obstacles and help you get ahead! This is a really good runner game.

Genre: glide jump playpod tog

Nether Runner

Two adventurous teenagers find a weird book that proves to hold magical powers. Strange creatures come to life and drag the girl in a fantasy world full of obstacles. Run to her, complete the missions and fire away to kill the enemies in this awesome action game. Unlock new books of spells and helpful monsters, then upgrade the hero`s skills so he can save his girlfriend from the claws of the horrible octopus monster.

Genre: book enemies spells magic

Sewer Escape 2

Yet another runner game! They are a greedy group of hamsters that ate radioactive food. An accident? Armed with new intelligence and a sophisticated lab, they start looking towards the outer space. What lies above, will be revealed after this final experiment!

Genre: hamster endless invent runner

Run Ninja Run 3

The 3rd part of the great action game Run Ninja Run is here with a new adventure that will keep you focused and determined right until the end. Enemies and even tigers are chasing you so be fast, jump, slide and attack at the right point if you want to survive. Collect the gold and buy new upgrades that will make you powerful than ever!

Genre: ninja collect skill attack