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Witch Hunt

Join the sorceress Lucrea Quarta on a magical journey that involves a mysterious crystal and defend it from dangerous creatures. Cast powerful spells with different runes to destroy the evil goblins and earn golden coins. Upgrade and customize your runes to defeat the incoming enemies and protect the crystal.

Genre: towers enemy runes magic

Dibbles Pro Pack

A runes game specially for you. Dibbles Pro Pack is a free puzzle game with cute creatures that help fulfill actions to create the perfect way for the king to get to the destination. Place runes that tell the creatures what actions should they fulfill and watch the way creating itself.

Genre: path command transform king

Rune Raiders

Rune Raiders is a special action game where you must form a team of fighters that will destroy the enemy and win the battle in every mission. When you finish a level you can upgrade your team of rune raiders with abilites and attribute improvements. Destroy everything in your way and get enough many to get stronger. This is a really good runes game.

Genre: attack upgrade enemy battle