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Clash Of Warlord Orcs

Genre: orc royal strategy lanes

Royal Guard

You are the only one who can guard the kingdom, so grab your bow and arrow to start the adventure! Aim in the direction of your enemies and try to destroy them before they can reach you. Sometimes you can be outnumbered, but you can use your special skills to kill several monsters in one shot. Buy useful upgrades from the store to maximize your abilities and be able to defeat the evil in your land.

Genre: attack shoot monsters upgrades

Royal Squad

Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime that takes place on an island full of dangerous monsters and save the lost scientist to become a hero! Pick your most skilled warriors for the epic battle and destroy the enemy using archery, magic, traps and swords. Plan your attacks ahead so that no creature gets through the gate.

Genre: traps battle skills island

Tiny King

Yet another royal game! The king`s cake has been stolen while he was asleep and now he must find out who did it! Join our hero on an amazing adventure and help him find the keys to unlock the portal. Change mechanisms to move objects and look for the broken pieces of a golden key. Have fun in this new puzzle game discovering the right solution for the adventurous king!

Genre: physics mechanisms portal objects

Royal Offense

Get ready to face giant rats, dangerous skeletons and a lot of other fantasy creatures in a great adventure. Don't miss the chance to find good strategies and create a powerful army that can destroy the enemies and their whereabouts. The upgrades area will help you increase your skills and become an expert with each mission in the action game. This royal game is really worth playing.

Genre: campaign attack mission enemy

King's Game

The blue king attacked the red castle so you must develop an action strategy to win the fights with the blue king. In order to keep your crown and the castle you must kill the other king's crew fast so he runs out of time to kill yours. Kings game is a funny yet challenging action game with cannons and royalties.

Genre: skill enemy buildings attack

Hold Your Ground

Another game from the royal game category. Build a structure with the available blocks to shield the King and his guards from incoming projectiles. Keep the men alive long enough to advance to the next day.

Genre: defend block assault puzzle

Wake the Royalty Level Pack

All the royal family is back with brand new levels! Connect the given objects to items in the game, so the present royalties are properly awakened.

Genre: awake sleepy puzzle royal games

Wake the Royalty

Everyone is sleeping in the kingdom. Wake up all the royal family! Connect the given objects to items in the game, so the present royalties are properly awakened.

Genre: puzzle games awake skill sleepy