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Cut the Rope: Time Travel

The om noms are back and it`s time to cut the rope in this exciting new puzzle game! Travel in time with the funny creatures, try to get the candy to them and collect all the golden stars to unlock fun levels.

Genre: collect stars candy arcade

Piggy Wiggy 3

Guide piggy wiggy towards the acorns and solve the funny challenging levels to this third part of the puzzle game. Create links between objects and change mechanisms that will help the pigs reach the delicious treat. Spikes must be avoided, so try to figure out the best solution to pass the obstacles.

Genre: rope ropes games links collect

Yummy Nuts 2

Nuts are really yummy and this fluffy squirrel knows it! What are you waiting for? Hop on a fun adventure and guide the squirrel to the exit. The nuts are really important, try to collect as many as you can if you want a high score at the end of the puzzle game.

Genre: physics funny cut the rope squirrel


The Circus is in town, folks! It's time to have some fun with a crazy acrobat in a new puzzle game. Make him land in a pool full of crocodiles using the objects you are given. Bounce on the trampoline, cut ropes and watch out for spikes, they can hurt you and ruin the show!

Genre: trampoline funny skill bounce

Jelly Alien

This jelly alien got into some serious trouble when he went out in space. A meteor crashed into him and split the jelly into many pieces all over the place. Get all the parts back together by cutting the wood platforms and ropes. Figuring out the right solution for the puzzle game can be tricky, but in the end the small alien will surely appreciate your help.

Genre: aliens jelly funny join

Piggy Wiggy Seasons

The hungry piggies are back in a puzzle game with new and challenging levels. Your job is to feed them so use the ropes and mechanisms to help them reach the acorns. The spikes are harmful, give your best to avoid them and figure out the best solution to pass all the obstacles.

Genre: collect acorns links cords

Orange Gravity 2 Level Pack

Orange Gravity 2 is back with a new and fun level pack. The square orange must collect all the bonus items in each level and then find its way to the exit door. In order to complete the task, make her swing or hang by cutting the ropes and moving the objects. Sometimes you have to change gravity to finish the level. If you hurry up your, score is higher so try to be fast in finding the best solution for this challenging puzzle game.

Genre: orange gravity 2 solutions levels ropes

Gang Blast 2

We found for you a new ropes game. Gangs established their base somewhere in a jungle and it's your duty to eliminate them in this new puzzle game. Shoot to drop all bandits off the cliffs and get the rewards you deserve. Only the yellow bricks can be destroyed, but you can also explode dynamite and break ropes with your gun. Your score is getting smaller and smaller by the second, so try to be quick in finding the solution for each puzzle.

Genre: explosion skill fire physics

Future Buddy

A physics puzzle game with interesting solutions and futuristic graphics. You must help the Future Buddies to reach the time machine and get home safely using the objects available in game. There might be some ropes attached or you must attach them. Just look around and solve the future buddy puzzle. This ropes game is really worth playing.

Genre: gravity connect collect logical

A Pig in a Poke

You must save the kitten by shooting the cannon ball or sometimes the kitty into the rescue bag. Use your abillity to solve puzzles in order to get the right solution. You can break things with your mouse and you can set the cannon and shoot it.

Genre: physics funny ropes games gravity