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Tech and Magic

A wizard must cast magic spells to keep enemies away from the gates of his castle. Keep the wizard safe by helping him target every enemy and cast curses on them to die.

Genre: attack upgrade robots shop

Mech Combats

Destroy the robots with your fire weapons. Watch them explode and collect bonus points. Aim with precision and shoot in various enemys. Advance to the next level and defeat the opponents.

Genre: attack weapons fire battle

Crash the Robot Explosive Edition

In this great free online puzzle game your task is kill the robot in a very creative way using killer mechanisms. To do this you will need to place a various mechanisms and buttons around the level. Strategically place them to find the perfect route to kill him. Once you have placed it where you would like it, click start. The quicker you complete the level the higher score you will get.

Genre: mechanisms destroy physics funny

Canoniac Launcher

Use the canon and throw the robot to gain bonus points and accesories to your gun. Fly as high as you can and advance in your journey. Earn money to upgrade the cannon and the robot from the shop.

Genre: cannon skill catapult throw

Greens Survive When Reds Die

Like the name says, green characters must survive, get over obstacles and make it to the door for the next level while red characters must die, never touch green characters and fall into obstacles. You control both at the same time that means you have to be wise to kill one and save the other.

Genre: trap robots jump destroy

Robots Can't Think

A puzzle platformer in which you control the actions of a robot. Help the robot overcome obstacles and reach the exit in each testing area. Your robot can climb up walls and across ceilings, pick up objects, and even warp time! Use these abilities to get your robot through all of the levels as quickly as possible.

Genre: platform mission obstacle skill

Lair Y Defense

A fantasy defense action game with ninjas, robots and epic bosses. You must plan a defense strategy for every wave coming to attack the house. You got many weapons with original design and powerful attack. Your garage will take all the enemies down if they dare to come closer. Upgrade, defense and kill everyone around.

Genre: cannon weapon laser fire

Robot vs Zombies

The fight can't finish until the last zombie is dead. You got a powerful robot to manouver and defeat the zombies forever. In every level they are placed in strategic points to make it difficult for you to shoot them. A free online puzzle game that will keep you entertained thinking about how to get the zombies you have to shoot using what every level gives you. Sometimes there are some rocks to move, maybe a piece of wood, look around and come up with ideas, they won't be defeated easy. Whe you saved the robot city from the bad zombies try some other zombie games because people need your zombies killer talent.

Genre: skill attack destroy puzzle

Truck Loader 2

In free online car games you must handle a truck loader and move fast so it can deliver the cargo. Your truck loader is a very easy to use robot that will help you grab de cargo and put it into the truck. You will know where to place the boxes because the area is highlighted. Also, some levels are a little bit more difficult because they go buttons that cause unpredicted actions and can ruin your level. Pay attention to every move.

Genre: robot driver car games magnet


A great, addictive flight game with a brave hero that you must help experience the feeling of freedom while flying with his feathergears to escape from the invaded Springsteel and warn the other towns. Help Roger Featherwing touch the sky and avoid the robots while collecting bonuses that might help him escape and earn a lot of achievements.

Genre: flight gear springsteel roger