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risk games

Stealth Sniper

Your job is to eliminate criminals around the world as a sniper and complete risky missions. Shoot the henchmen and make sure they don`t alert the others or the whole operation will be ruined. Once you go through all the guards, their leader will try to escape so try to shoot him before he gets away. Use the focus mode to slow down time and get a perfect aim at your target. Remember to reload and destroy all the bad guys quickly! A popular risk game, among the gaming websites.

Genre: damage upgrades weapons sniper

Rough Ride

Being a motorbiker means risking your neck. Ride to the top of this rough bike challenge, or take a face full of dirt trying.

Genre: track sports skill bike

Desert Rider

A great ATV racing game! Go off-roading at your own risk on this adventure, surmount all obstacles and try to reach the finish as fast as you can. One of the latest risk games.

Genre: obstacle sports drive skill

Bike Master

Go off-roading at your own risk on this biking adventure game and complete all the levels in the shortest possible time. This is a really good risk game.

Genre: obstacle skill physics sport games

Speed X

This game is about a future police cop doing his partrol in the city, where the streets are crowded with enemy tanks and bomber planes. Navigate the vehicle through risky levels, destroy enemies and reach bonuses.

Genre: fire destroy shooter games bomb

High Risk Rescue

The three Gordon sisters have captured Spud and Trixie and have taken them. Use your special powers to rescue your friends by getting to the top of the building.

Genre: dragon adventure games cartoon action games