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Stick War 2

Stick War comes back in a new version of the awesome strategy game. Gather up the resources, build your own army and defend your Order Empire. To win the war and get to the next level you have to defeat your enemies in battles and conquer their grounds. Be brave and have fun! A very fun resources game.

Genre: units enemy strategy attack

Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica is a free online multiplayer game, based on the tv sci-fi series about intergalactic war, Battlestar Galactica. It's a game full of action and fighting with science-fiction stories that will get your attention and make you feel like really fighting in space. The story is about human race and Cylon robots fighting after the big war with limited resources. Help the human race destroy the robots and save the future of humans. Battlestar Galactica can be played with your friends, we got plenty of spaceships and many more enemies than friends. Be the best space fighter, play Battlestar Galactica now! This is a really good resources game.

Genre: human race community space ships action


A.R.C.S is an online shooting game with the action placed on another galaxy. You must defend your base by killing the enemies and protecting the resources of A.R.C.S. Make sure no one will pass your soliders. When you are overwhelmed, multikill might give you a chance to survive o the battlefield, try to kill more than one enemy at a time. A.R.C.S is a great shooting game that will challenge your patience and agility.

Genre: robots shop mutants fire

Chuck the Sheep

To avoid being shaved, Chuck will get out of the farm by flying. A very funny adventure game with sheeps. Chuck has an upgradable flying device that you will manage. Get materialis from every flight, combine them to get the right amount of each and craft the upgrade you want. Make quests to get more materials and experience to raise sheep's level.

Genre: collect farm escape resources

Silent Killer 2

The Silent Killer is a sniper that takes by surprise his enemies by shooting them after a lot of planning and calculating angles of the shot. If you want to be a perfect silent killer than you must be patient and wise to shoot only once and deadly for your target. In the second version of Silent Killer you have to get rid of a bunch of enemy soliders that are watching from different buildings. When choosing your shooting target you can also an explosive object near the enemy. If you shoot it that will cause an explosion killing all your enemies around it. Use every resource wisely, don't waste bullets and don't hurry, just like a sniper. After every solider is dead maybe you want to try some more shooting games that will keep you trained until the next mission.

Genre: soldier sniper shooter army

Demonrift TD

This isn't just a tower defense, it is a free online game with resources strategy and soliders battles. Instead of placing towers you are placing heroes. After conquering a village you can build useful things on it that will help you fight better, defend your village better or earn more resources. You decide what's best for your towns but before this you must destroy all enemy waves.

Genre: warrior build action adventure

Tank 2008 Final Assault

Today we have a new resources game. This is it - the War of the Tanks is in its final catastrophic stages. The rebels are on the run, but don`t get too cocky, as they are still a force to be reckoned with. You've been given all the resources available to your people - it`s up to you to ensure that victory is complete and the rebels are crushed once and for all. Good luck soldier.

Genre: destroy shooter battle war