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Touch the Bubbles 3

This is the third Touch the Bubbles game. Your goal is to pop all bubbles touching them with your mouse cursor. You cannot pass through maze walls and must not touch any red obstacles.

Genre: skill avoid obstacle puzzle


Slicerix is a physics-based puzzle game. Your goal is to destroy all red and green blocks by colliding them with same-colored objects. To do so, slice the grey blocks with your mouse. 25 challenging levels.

Genre: mind skill puzzle block

Building Blaster 2

Figure out how to take each building down in this physics based puzzle game. Place bombs and tools to blast the buildings and clear the red zones. Use timing to your advantage, avoid civilians and try to get the enemy for bonus points. You have a wide range of different destructive devices at your disposal which you can unlock in the shop.

Genre: fire puzzle dynamite bomb


Make the red and green objects touch blocks of the same color by removing the wooden platforms. The faster you complete a level, the more points you will receive. Colliderix features 40 levels of increasing difficulty. If you have a good sense of timing, you will love this game!

Genre: puzzle games mind remove skill

Cyber Nibblet

It's going to take mad mental and manual skill to get this bitty bot home laser-free! Get to the checkered box without bumping into any enemies, getting shot by them, or getting sliced by the laser. If the goal is locked, you need to ride past all red dots to activate it.

Genre: action games obstacle bot escape

Crayon Blocks

In Crayon Blocks game you have to move other blocks away and move the red block to the exit. Vertical blocks can move only up and down. Horizontal blocks can move only left and right.

Genre: mind logic puzzle games skill

Circles and Squares

Circles and Squares is a puzzle game where you turn the world upside down as you move your heroic blue shapes home and free them from the tyranny of their red shape oppressors! Spin and click your way through 50 levels to glory!

Genre: rotate spin logic puzzle games


At first glance they are ordinary Balls, there are thousands of them in every city. But they can transform into... BOXES! Other balls call them WereBoxes. Your goal in this physics based puzzle game, is to eliminate all the red dudes and complete all twenty levels!

Genre: skill ball puzzle games box

Red and Blue Balls

Go treasure hunting in this physics-based adventure game! Switch between the red and blue balls as you try to help them collect their respective diamonds.

Genre: platform funny adventure games arcade

Puppy Racing

Collect red and blue stars, be the first to end the race, and win the gold, in this 3D sport game.

Genre: speed track car sport games