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Zombies vs Penguins 2

The brave penguins are back and they have to fight Mayan zombies in a new puzzle game. Set the right angle and shoot the enemies to finish each level, but be careful not to shoot yourself. There are different obstacles that stand in your way, but some of them may help redirecting the bullets. Have fun figuring out the best solution and don't let them get to you!

Genre: zombie armageddon arctic funny


Exercise your skills and have fun with animated and colorful blocks. The small yellow block is moving forward and you have to help it jump and avoid the obstacles. Don’t touch the red blocks because they will immediately destroy you. You can slide on the blue ones to get to the other wall and finish the level, but be careful not to smash into them.

Genre: one button jump obstacles skill

Soul Shift

Have fun with the characters in this new physics game and try to solve the puzzle from each level. The goal is to shift the shape of the objects in order to remove all the red ones. Find out the story of the Soul Shift Machine within the game as you use your skills to make the necessary moves and pass the obstacles.

Genre: physics skill remove gravity

Redneck vs Zombies

Some strange animal zombies attack you when you are about to go hunting. Prepare your weapons by upgrading them in the hunting shop and get ready for a great action game. Shoot the zombies and try to kill them before they get to your barricade because it won't last for long.

Genre: upgrade fire enemy guns

Soldier Diary

The green solider has been captured by the red team in their base. Find the solution to escape and destroy the enemies that are watching you. Use any object you can find because anything can become useful. A good point and click puzzle game that will challenge your patience and search ability.

Genre: army logic puzzle escape

King's Game

The blue king attacked the red castle so you must develop an action strategy to win the fights with the blue king. In order to keep your crown and the castle you must kill the other king's crew fast so he runs out of time to kill yours. Kings game is a funny yet challenging action game with cannons and royalties.

Genre: attack buildings skill enemy

Extreme Explosions

A rocket was about to be launched in the space when it got out of control and now is flying all over the city. You must destroy any building in the rocket's way so we won't have to deal with a crash. The altitude of the rocket is shown by the red dotted line, take care of every object that gets over it.

Genre: destroy gravity structure physics

Werebox 2

Werebox 2 is the second version of the physics puzzle game with boxes that become balls with a click. You must use your powers to eliminate the red, bad shapes from the game and keep the good ones on the table. Develop short strategies at the start of every level to achieve the perfect puzzle solution.

Genre: ravity remove physics funny

Greens Survive When Reds Die

Like the name says, green characters must survive, get over obstacles and make it to the door for the next level while red characters must die, never touch green characters and fall into obstacles. You control both at the same time that means you have to be wise to kill one and save the other.

Genre: jump robots destroy trap

Kick the Block

The red and the green teams are fighting and it all started from a red block. You must calm down the situations by getting the red figures out of the picture in every level. Cut the rope, slice some wood, do anything to trap the red team and eliminate it from the game while keeping the green members safe. It's a great free online puzzle game but it can turn to be really hard if you don't pay enough attention to solve every level.

Genre: funny box gravity physics