Recommended reaction games (15 results)

reaction games

Fruit Slasher

This is a really good reaction game.

Genre: knife reaction timing slice

Run Bunny Run!

We found for you a new reaction game.

Genre: jump and run bunny runner reaction

10 More Bullets

Destroying enemy spaceships can be quite easy, but how are you going to survive when you only have 10 bullets? Pull the trigger at the right moment and create a crazy chain reaction that will blow up everything in the way. Visit the shop to get bigger explosions and grabbers that will collect the bonuses in each battle of the shooter game.

Genre: one button pixel bullet fire

Ninja Land

Save the princess in this great puzzle game with warriors and dangerous ninjas! The town can be quite a challenge, move the objects and try to trick your enemies. Act fast if you are under attack or just avoiding traps, time and speed reaction are essential.

Genre: ninja point and click funny reaction games

Magic Blaster

You are playing an old wizard using spells to get rid of his enemies and get treasures. Find out what spell you must cast and on which objects in order to generate a chain reaction that will lead to the destruction of your enemies. You got different types of magic spells and you are learning more over time. Use them according to every level's solution and don't waste your mana.

Genre: destroy treasure goblins objects

Zombie Shooter

Simple as the name says, the Zombie Shooter is a direct call to action for killing lots of unwanted zombies that are around you. Feel free to shoot any object, maybe some of them will become helpful by hitting the enemy or starting a chain reaction that will eventually lead to the death of zombies.

Genre: fire skill shoot guns

Gang Blast

Gang Blast is a puzzle game with a gun with powerful bullets and some enemies to get rid of. Destroy the buildings they live in, shoot them out of the game area or produce some chain reaction to eliminate them.

Genre: skill fire physics explosion

Amigo Pancho 2 - New York Party

The second version of Amigo Pancho takes place in New York city. Clear the way for amigo pancho to fly as high as possible. A puzzle game based on physics that will challenge your ability to create chain reactions and eliminate unwanted objects from the scene. Release Amigo Pancho so he can fly in New York.

Genre: escape funny enemy balloon

Castle Tales

A reaction game specially for you. Castle tales is a physics game with beautiful graphics and pretty easy levels that allows the player relax and be amazed about the mechanics that will help the kids get into the castle portal. Eliminate blocks, enemies, wheels and other objects in order to start the correct chain reaction that will lead the kids to the portal.

Genre: obstacle remove mechanism platform

Headless Joe

Headless Joe is a funny robot trying to get his head back by finding nails so he goes in an adventure to search for them. Help the robot find his way to the finish of the level by leading his head, moving elevators or pressing buttons that will eventually unleash some chain reactions to clear the way of the robot. Of course, get all the nails you find because that's the only way headless Joe can fix his head.

Genre: funny skill platform physics