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Sliding Escape

This ray game is really worth playing.

Genre: sliding-puzzle platform magnet stars

Tesla Defense 2

Famous inventor, Nikola Tesla, is ready to face new enemies in this sequel of the tower defense game. Join the creator in his fight against rivals and help him destroy waves of dangerous armed soldiers. Place towers and mines in key positions to strike your opponents when they least expect it and upgrade your powers to defeat the menacing armies.

Genre: lightning enemy ray towers

Tesla Defense

Nicola Tesla, the electrical engineer, has to face enemies. But no worries, you can defend yourself using ground towers, anti-air towers, mines and orbital strikes. Place them carefully and upgrade your powers using the money you earned in this tower defense game. This ray game is really worth playing.

Genre: towers lightning ray enemy

Alien Education

Handle the OZN and keep it on the top of the human to capture it. Use your handling skills and register a good score for bonus points and advance to the next levels. A popular ray game, among the gaming websites.

Genre: ray spacecraft alien adventure

Tesla Death Ray

The enemy soldiers are attacking your base in order to conquer it. Stay in defense and kill all the enemy soliders you see. After every level you got the opportunity to upgrade your gear, you can even get a little testa to help you face the wave of enemies. Kill as many soldiers as you can.

Genre: attack upgrade action shooter

Chronicles of Raynor

Fight against the terrorist weapon smugglers, find the mastermind of the illegal operation and bring an end to their criminal regime in this really cool action shooter game! Collect the bullets to reload your weapons, the drugs to restore your health, and be careful of mines.

Genre: shooter games mine terrorist mission

Star Shine 2

Star Shine is a game of rays and angles in which the objective is to light all of the stars to advance to the next level.

Genre: light skill puzzle games fire