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Diablo Valley Rally

An amazing race is waiting for you in the dangerous Diablo Valley. Are you ready for some speed and bumpy roads? Drive fast, collect the bonuses and hit nitro if you want to increase your chances of winning. 1st place is waiting! This rally game is really worth playing.

Genre: upgrade collect trucks rally

Desktop Racing

When job, school or homework get you bored a little desktop rally might cheer you up. Jump over rulers, get over crayon obstacles and go turbo on the desk to be even faster. The toy car is funny and colorful but the rally is a serious business.

Genre: drive nitro speed turbo

Rally Masters

A rally game specially for you. Choose your truck and drive over mountains and other obstacles. Try to beat your opponents to get higher score.

Genre: obstacles upgrade drive truck

Urban Rally

Urban rally is a free online car game with lots of obstacles. You will run on the streets with high speed jumping from a shore to other without harming the vehicle or the driver. Drive carefully because the car is very angry and you won't be able to finish levels otherwise.

Genre: drive speed obstacle skill

Arctic Drift

Start this nascar action and test your car on frozen tracks. Avoid obstacles and jump on ramps to register a fast and clean lap. You will meet some fast opponents, prove that your passion for rally will push you to on the first place. Earn points for the place you win and enjoy the arctic drift.

Genre: race drive sports opponent

3d Buggy Racing

3D Buggy Racing game features an advanced flash 3D engine which allows for great graphics and gameplay. Race against 7 opponents across 5 unique tracks, unlocking the next track by beating the other racers to place first. There are 4 different quality settings allow for maximum performance across a wide range of computers.

Genre: champion opponent sports car games

Mental Mouse

A rally game specially for you. Help this mental little mouse rally over the big kitchen obstacles in this fun tilty bike driving game!

Genre: motorcycle sport games motor skill

Steampunk Rally

Another game from the rally game category. Excellent stunt racing game on futuristic tracks! Speed through the alternate past in steampunk rally, unlocking your bike, truck and buggy as you complete over 14 levels of exhilarating, challenging fun.

Genre: skill sport games physics obstacle

Bot Racing

Near future. People from all over the world watch the rally where best Bots take place. Choose your Bot and win the grandprix.

Genre: speed championship grandpix sport games

Desert Rally

Race through the desert and try to get as far as possible before you crash and burn. Try to knock other cars out of your way to get bonus points.

Genre: track car speed sports games