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Party Van Madness

Like a real bulldozer, in Party Van Madness you must destroy the city and citizens to get at the finiish line driving your big truck. Get over people like they were bonuses because you get points every time you kill a citizen with your big truck wheels. Drive all over the city and get your finish prize.

Genre: speed drive destroy obstacle

Uphill Rush 4

Uphill Rush 4 is the fourth installment of the awesome Uphill Rush series! Get ready to race your customized vehicle and driver on urban jungle and win the uphill battle at the finish line. Win all the three cups and master lots of vehicles in this free online sport game.

Genre: skill level contest champion drive

Solid Rider

Solid racer is a free online game that asks you to prove your motorcycle driving skills. A tropical island, a powerful moto and a skilled driver is all you need to get all the levels done in the best time and win all gold cups. Drive it, keep the driver safe, make stunts when you have to and climb every mountain.

Genre: speed drive stunt skill

Knight Age Christmas

A Christmas edition of the jousting game, Knight Age. Select a player, the best horse and race at your opponent, aim and inflict massive damage to win the joust. Earn money for it and buy upgrades for your knight.

Genre: skill adventure upgrade action

Elf Rider

Elf Rider is a super cute game. Race across the winter wonderland collecting any presents that have fallen out of Santas sleigh so nobody misses out on Christmas! Help the elf drive the motorcycle and get over obstacles fast to get at the end faster. Have a great time!!

Genre: winter drive skill christmas

Bumpy Racer

Drive the bumpy racer on a tropical island and finish the race before the time goes. Every level must be finished as fast as you can because there is a given time to respect. You got nitro to help you gain a few seconds. To win the car game you must avoind crashing because it will save you time.

Genre: drive nitro collect obstacle


Raccbeat is an action game you will love. Run around the world collecting fruits and jumping around. A very entertaining free online game, you must help the little creature jump from a platform to another to collect fruits and keep running to finish the level. It's simple and fun, just perfect.

Genre: animals skill racoon run

Baja Motocross

Start your motorcycle and accelerate it to the finish line. Race with your opponents and win every lap to unlock new tracks and adventures. Collect various bonuses on your way and try new tricks on your air time.

Genre: champion drive race speed

Dumper Truck

A new release in car games with trucks, a hardcore one. You got a heavy truck with big wheels and you need to transform it into a runner. Time is short and there is a lot to do so you got one minute to finish every level. Many obstacles and ramps, most of them bigger than anything you climbed before. Try to finish the race with the clock and deliver all the goods to the destination withoul damaging the truck, everytime you hit something or lose the control of the car, you lose important seconds that could help you win the game. If you want to truck even more truck games that will keep you trained as a big car driver.

Genre: drive skill speed obstacle

Mini Car Racer

Mini car racer is a free online game with bad trucks that you can customize as you wish. Make your favorite truck by tunning it with the best vinyl decals, antennas, big fast wheels all colored as you want it to be. You can unlock even more options to customize your car by winning races after you design your great truck.

Genre: upgrade customize track skill