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prison games

Space Prison Escape 2

Genre: escape aliens platform space

Bazooka Trooper

Dangerous prisoners escaped from prison and it`s your job to get rid of them all! Aim and shoot towards the sneaky criminals to finish the challenge. When you can`t seem to reach your target, shoot a wall to ricochet the missile and get a perfect score without wasting ammunition.

Genre: prisoners challenge target criminals

Money Movers 2

The two escaped brothers are on a new mission, saving their father from prison, and they need your help to carry out their plan. Control the movements of each brother and use their special abilities to reach the exit. Collect money bags, avoid getting caught by the guards and save the father.

Genre: obstacles prison gravity abilities

Papa Louie 3

Papa Louie has been kidnapped by delicious desserts and only you can rescue him! Swim your way out of dangerous labyrinths and look for your friends. Attack any creature that tries to stop you from completing your mission. Change mechanisms to open gates, release prisoners, collect coins and hidden objects to unlock new upgrades and characters, so that you can defeat your enemies.

Genre: coins save collect sundae

Pajama Boy 3

Pajama boy returns home only to find out it was destroyed and his family is nowhere to be found, will you help him save them? Jump to incredible heights, duck when dangerous obstacles stand in your way, and make sure you get the key, so that you can free the prisoner. Join pajama boy in his adventure and reunite him with his family!

Genre: family adventure platform obstacles

Jellydad Hero

The Jelly family has been kidnapped by space pirates while they were on their way to the beach, but Jellydad escapes and plans to free his dear ones. Help our hero get through dangerous obstacles by changing mechanisms and avoiding enemies. Collect all the golden gears to achieve a high score and unlock bonus levels to release other prisoners. Outsmart the evil pirates and reunite the brave family!

Genre: prisoners collect escape unlock

Stealth Bound Level Pack

A runaway needs your help to escape from a highly secured prison. Figure out the mechanisms, pick up different items to get the exit door opened and collect stars to achieve a high score. Attack guards when they`re not looking, but be on the lookout for the armed ones and make sure you hide from them. Use every trick you have to get our hero safe and sound out of prison.

Genre: guards prison collect exit

Money Movers

Two brothers plan their escape from prison after being mistreated by the guards over a won basketball game. Control both brothers and use their special abilities to reach the exit. One of them is faster, the other a lot stronger, together they are perfect match! Collect the money, watch out for guards, lasers and prisoners and you’ll be out in no time.

Genre: prison gravity obstacles abilities

Stealth Bound

Breaking out of a prison can be quite difficult but not if you have the right skills. This is a great game with loads of different and fun challenges. Sneak out and attack the guards, collect the golden stars and the keys to each exit. You are going to be part of the most exciting break outs of all time!

Genre: prison collect prison games guards

Saloon Brawl 2

Get back in the Saloon Brawl for another awesome fight with rough cowboys, prisoners and other enemies. Help the sheriff restore peace again by knocking out fighters. Pack a punch, block the attacks and unleash super special powers that will get you closer to winning. Collecting the bonuses will help you stay in shape and increase your score in the action game.

Genre: cowboys throw enemy attack