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Gold Mine Strike

Gold Mine Strike brings a new way of playing Gold Strike with a Minecraft flavor. Throw pickaxes, get rid of blocks and use powerups to enhance your progress. The gold you acquire is used to upgrade the powerups. A popular powerup game, among the gaming websites.

Genre: skills minecraft puzzle gold mine strike

How Dare You

Disturbing sensei in the middle of his meditation was not such a good idea, now he is angry and full of revenge. Launch him as far as you can and take a crazy adventurous ride with this awesome monk. Destroy your enemies, collect the coins and buy power ups from the store if you want to travel a long distance. This powerup game is really worth playing.

Genre: powerups enemies collect destroy

Once in the Cave

Enter a magic world with wizards, fantasy creatures and powerful potions! Jump on platforms, kill the green monsters and find the exit in each level. Power without knowledge isn't much so try to use the bonuses when you feel overwhelmed. Amazing spells will also help in this action game, just visit the upgrade area and see how to make your hero wizard stronger.

Genre: potions collect powerups weapons

Back to Zombieland

Humans are chasing you with forks because you are a zombie, so run fast in order to escape them. Use your weapons to kill the enemies and crush the animals that stand in your way. Travelling a long distance and collecting coins will add up to your final score and don't forget about the bonuses. These will help you survive longer along the road because they provide ammo and shields that protect you. Run into the shop and upgrade your stamina, running speed and launching power to have better chances at winning the action game.

Genre: enemy obstacles powerups traps

Rocket Santa

Try to launch Santa to the moon using a rocket and all sorts of upgradable items to expand your flight. Visit the shop to buy very needful powerups so you can get santa to the moon for a new experience this Christmas. Pigs don't fly but Santa does.

Genre: shop christmas collect money

Super Robot War

Enter the super robot war and use the latest guns to eliminate the killer robots. Choose laser guns or pick up background elements to throw them into the enemy. Rememer the keyboard combos and punch the robots. Solve every mission and advance to the next levels. A popular powerup game, among the gaming websites.

Genre: shooter powerup adventure action

Zoo Racer

Be a part of this zoo race orgnized by the animals. Choose your favorite car and use the mouse to guide it. Beat the other cars and register the best score every lap if you cand. Proove yourself a perfect racer on this funny track.

Genre: race powerup games opponents powerup

Bloons Super Monkey

Take control of Super Monkey as he embarks on a bloon popping frenzy through 5 stages and 15 waves. Collect and use power blops to upgrade Super Monkey in three different skill paths. Watch out for super powerups and make sure you score at least Bronze in each wave to advance to the next.

Genre: bomb destroy adventure games helium

Overkill Apache 2

Guide the chopper through waves of tornado jets, enemy choppers, tanks and more. Destroy everything as you go. Pick up the powerups left by some of the vehicles.

Genre: missile rocket shooter games aircraft

Pirates Blast

The pirates are under attack of many colored bombs. Defend the ship and arm the cannons! Its time to shoot on those bombs before they hit the ship. Buy upgrades and pickup powerups to gain more strength!

Genre: cannon attack shooter games defend