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point click games

Pocket Ninja

Your team of brave ninja's need to fight against hordes of enemies and defend their territory at all cost. Use the ninja's separately, as a team, or form one strong warrior depending on the enemies you are up against. Quickly choose a strategy, then collect the money and buy upgrades. They are quite important if you want to get out of the battlefield as a winner in the action game.

Genre: upgrades point and click warriors skill

Deeper Sleep

A powerful desire of concious transposition into anything and anyone by lucid dreaming became a monstrous nightmare about deadly creatures looking to kill him. Haunted by the horrifing nightmare that seem so real at the time, our character started a dangerous and misterious adventure to find out the truth about the monsters in his dream, still hoping they were not real.

Genre: surreal escape adventure dream

Ninja Land

Save the princess in this great puzzle game with warriors and dangerous ninjas! The town can be quite a challenge, move the objects and try to trick your enemies. Act fast if you are under attack or just avoiding traps, time and speed reaction are essential.

Genre: ninja point and click funny skill

Mini Commando

The german soldiers kidnapped your family and locked up your friends. You are the only one that can save them so use your skills and find a way to kill the enemies. Your allies will help you finish the mission in this action game and save the ones you love. Think ahead every time you want to take a step or shoot because the battlefield is a very dangerous place and every bullet counts.

Genre: logic escape army puzzle

3 Pandas 2 - Night

The 3 pandas are back in a new puzzle game! Their funny adventure continues in the jungle, but now they have to pass the obstacles and face the danger at night. Think about the best solution to solve the puzzle in order to help them escape. Use each of their abilities to change the mechanisms and get to the exit safe.

Genre: escape jungle funny pandas

Steampunk Odyssey

Abe is captured in the dark mechanical city. You must use your intelligence and mechanical skills to find a solution so he can get out. Use all the objects you can find, try to action them until the way is clear and Abe can pass.

Genre: mechanism point and click obstacles escape

Soldier Diary

The green solider has been captured by the red team in their base. Find the solution to escape and destroy the enemies that are watching you. Use any object you can find because anything can become useful. A good point and click puzzle game that will challenge your patience and search ability.

Genre: escape army logic puzzle

Vampire Skills

You are in the training camp of Vlad Tepes, the spooky and evil person behind Dracula legend, testing your vampire skills. Think like a vampire, act like a vampire. You got some free moves in every level but most of them need actions to activate so if you can act like a vampire and think like one, you will know what you must activate and when. Go and suck some blood from the princess.

Genre: skill,point and click funny abilities blood

Moonster Safe

A fun puzzle game with 25 different brain teasing levels to solve. Select a stage you wish to play from the Main Menu. Use your mouse to click on objects and locations on the screen. Use clues to solve puzzles and open each Moonster Safe. Open them all to complete the game!

Genre: funny animals unlock puzzle

Castle Guardian

Your mission in this cool strategy game is to fight against the dark lords evil minion hordes by dispatching them with your archers and mages and save your castle from destruction. Battle your way though over 10 unique enemies in 20 days of combat in this action strategy game. Use your earned gold to upgrade your castle, pointer, and everything else in this clicking frenzy!

Genre: upgrade action spell minion