Recommended planet games (45 results)

planet games

Sun Hop

Jump from shape to shape until you get on the sun and finish the puzzle level. You must wait for the perfect moment to jump so you won't end up falling or landing on the wrong shape.

Genre: planet avoid gravity physics

Planet Juicer

You are defending your planets from waves of aliens coming to conquer it. Place fighters of various types to defend your planet, use the laboratory to develop new types of equipment and make upgrades to face even more aliens.

Genre: defense strategy upgrades action

Zomboz 2

Zomboz is a free puzzle game with zombies to kill. Find the right solution to combine a perfect weapon with the perfect angle and force in order to eliminate the zombies. Sometimes you will only need arrows and flaming arrows but sometimes a rock might be needed for a powerful and fast attack.

Genre: bow arrows destroy skill

Last Mars Tower

One last tower must defend planet Mars from well equipped humanoids that are attacking it. The tower has low upgrades and an old weapon. You must upgrade the tower and face the waves of laser fighters and war machines coming to destroy Mars.

Genre: weapons mars battle fire

Gentlemen Rats in Outer Space

Prepare your interstelar gun and shoot to the unknown planets. Conquer them and hang your flag right there to complete the level. Prepare yourself for new adventures an watch the gravity force, it may trick you.

Genre: skill rocket cheese fire

Big Evil Robots

The Planet Earth was invaded by big evil robots. You are just a kid so get your sling and throw stones in their cores. Use your mouse to set the target and hit the weak spot. Sometimes you have to unlock their mecanism to expose the core. Don’t let them colonize the Earth.

Genre: skill robot fire shoot

Madness Escape

You have landed on an hostile planet, fight against the robots to survive. Collect shields, health and fuel to alimentate your spaceship. Bring the fuel next to your ship and press the “FUEL” button. This is the main goal that you have to complete in order to complete the level. It won’t be easy, use your gun and shoot the enemys.

Genre: escape shoot guns attack

Wrath of Evil

Defend the planet Earth from the wrath of evil lord Azazel. Use your archers to shoot the opponent, after every level you recive soul points wich you can use to upgrade your weapons. Buy the best equipment because every level becomes harder and the evil creatures are stronger. Do not let them touch you, you can’t afford to loose archers.

Genre: action adventure defend attack

Gravitee Wars

Prepare your cosmic strategy. You got 2 aliens and you have to fight cosmic enemies. Throw with missiles in opponents to destroy them. Keep in mind the gravity of each planet when you shoot and use multiple shooting guns when you have two or more aliens on one planet. With earned points you can buy more aliens, upgrade them and buy special weapons that will help to advance.

Genre: team action attack destroy

Steel Grinder

One tank against an entire batalion! Defend the planet from waves of invaders. Kill all your enemies, pick up bonuses, upgrade your tank, unlock new types of guns to deal with the 8 end-level bosses throughout the game!

Genre: boss shooter action army