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Zombotron 2 Time Machine

Your mission in space was a success and the rocket is almost ready to take you home, but there is one important thing missing - fuel. Discover the great mysteries on this weird planet and get ready to shoot some alien-zombies, they do not come in peace! The treasure chests have valuable items that can be useful along the way, but you can also find shop terminals. These will provide equipment, weapons and ammo, everything you need to finish this great action game!

Genre: mutant enemy attack weapon

Leave Me a Clone

Can you help a little yellow alien navigate across a dangerous planet and get home? He really needs you! Luckily he’s no ordinary alien, he has the power to create frozen clones of himself. Use these clones to reach the exit portal, collect energy orbs and avoid the weird plant life along the way.

Genre: block alien collect skill

Nature Strikes Back

People can really harm the planet's natural environment, Nature Strikes Back is a shooting game with plants that kill gas mask guys that are responsible for the pollution. You must kill the careless bad people using your carnivorous plant bombs. In the meantime you can also try to collect some nature-gems. Have fun killing environment irresponsible citizens!

Genre: plants guns tnt fire

Super Invaders

Earth is in the target of aliens once more, they are threatening to destroy everything. Use the weapons you have to kill the enemies or else the planet is doomed. The golden coins are essential in this shooter game because they can help you increase health, moving and turret speed. Powerful guns like rockets, cannons and lasers will turn out useful too further on in your battle with these alien forces.

Genre: invaders alien gun weapons

Snail Bob 4 - Space

Snail Bob is back in a new journey, this time he travels in a spaceship and lands on a planet full of obstacles and monsters that want to eat him alive! Figure out the right path in the labyrinth, then change the mechanisms so that Bob reaches the exit safe. Have fun and don't forget to collect the hidden stars for a high score in the new puzzle game.

Genre: puzzle platform adventure funny

Canoniac Launcher 2

A robot crashes into a satellite in space and now he has to find the way back home. He lands on a planet where he meets some weird creatures that he can use as cannons. Set the right angle and power to launch and collect the bonuses in this new action game. The distance, height and speed will be properly rewarded, use the money wisely on upgrades like helicopters, power fields or rockets.

Genre: cannon throw skill catapult


Aliens in crystal life form came from space to capture Earth and vanish humanity. Only plants can destroy the crystals so save our planet by seeding them strategically in the way of alien organisms. The plants will shoot them and on some stages you will be able to capture power wells that can double the growth speed and the seed costs. In this interesting strategy game you can upgrade your powers and have better chances at winning the alien battles.

Genre: aliens tower defense organism crystals

Click the Bolt

A funny little alien crashes on an unknown planet and he has to find the way back. Use your skills to click the bolt and move the wooden boards strategically so that the alien gets to the exit of this great puzzle game. Make sure he collects all the sweets from the tunnels to get to the next planet until he reaches home.

Genre: bolt gravity physics planet

Tricky Rick

Rick is a funny robot that has to refuel his spaceship and fly away from the planet. You have to help him collect all the stolen fuel. Use your skills and physics knowledge to resolve the puzzle and enjoy the arcade game.

Genre: skill platform arcade physics

Click Defense - Green Danger

Strange creatures from an unknown planet are invading your land. Defend your base, repair the building, upgrade your powers and destroy the enemies.

Genre: weapons space destroy shooter