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New Year Knockout

A celebrity boxing game with the most annoying 2011 celebrities. Justin Bieber gets the first place and you must punch him in the face as much as you can. Beat all the celebrities and get your revenge for all the annoying things they did last year. Free online boxing games take place at .

Genre: fight opponent arena upgrade

Crash the Robot Explosive Edition

In this great free online puzzle game your task is kill the robot in a very creative way using killer mechanisms. To do this you will need to place a various mechanisms and buttons around the level. Strategically place them to find the perfect route to kill him. Once you have placed it where you would like it, click start. The quicker you complete the level the higher score you will get.

Genre: physics mechanisms funny destroy

Wood Worker

Place the objects on solid platforms so they won't fall for five seconds in order to get to the next level. You must use all the wood and iron objects given in one level and place them in safe position. A free online puzzle game that requires a lot of attention and handling skills.

Genre: stars skill physics balance

Dangerous Treasures

Ancient vaults contain a great amount of dangers as well as plenty of treasures. But neither intricate snares, nor deadly pitfalls can stop a courageous archaeologist. Visit the most enigmatic and mysterious places on Earth, unravel their secrets and get the treasures!

Genre: tresure gold coins platform

Wake Up the Box 3

A free online puzzle game with an expresive sleeping box that you must wake up. Use the objects given in every level to hit, throw or make the box fall and wake up. It will be very funny but tricky because sometimes he sleeps in safe places where you must struggle to find a solution and wake him up. The box will appreciate your effort.

Genre: gravity awake physics sleepy

Level Editor 2

The second version of Level Editor makes you combine action with puzzle even more than the first one. The little stick man is facing a lot of trouble trying to get to the door in every level. You must edit the level adding objects to make the level work perfectly and the stick guy to get at the door. You will have a lot of trouble finding out what you need to place and where, but that is the easy part because when you try to practice, handling mouse and keyboard at the same time won't be so easy.

Genre: platform goal arcade skill

Pet Soldiers

Pet Soliders is a free online strategy game with action because you must be fast and accurate when putting soliders on the battle field. You must defeat the enemies with strategic placement of soliders in trenches and by keeping your army safe with good and full armors. Also, after you make sure your soliders won't be easy to kill, you must make sure the enemy gets killed after all so use good weapons on most invaded soliders and less good weapons for the others. Good luck, the battle field is waiting for you, let the online war begin!

Genre: destroy enemy soldiers army

Truck Loader 2

In free online car games you must handle a truck loader and move fast so it can deliver the cargo. Your truck loader is a very easy to use robot that will help you grab de cargo and put it into the truck. You will know where to place the boxes because the area is highlighted. Also, some levels are a little bit more difficult because they go buttons that cause unpredicted actions and can ruin your level. Pay attention to every move.

Genre: driver robot magnet car games

Piggy Wiggy

Help piggy wiggy to eat the nuts and solve every puzzle. Show him the right path to the key places from every level. Collect bonus points and advance to the next adventure.

Genre: skill rope collect links

Orcs vs Humans

Orcs attacked human base again in free online games so you must tower defend the main building. Place towers using a good strategy to shoot the orcs as much as you can until they approach your base. First only spend money on a one-two towers and upgrade them, after that you can spread you defense on all the map for a better security.

Genre: battle strategy fight army