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Zombie Big Trouble

Ready for a great shooter game that will give you the thrills? Get out of this deserted area fast because zombies are everywhere! A chopper is waiting for you, use your gun to make it through safe. Shoot the creatures as soon as you see them, this way you will have time to reload the weapon and move forward. Don’t let the chopper waiting too long, it’s your only chance to leave this horrible place.

Genre: survive apocalypse guns horror

Crow in Hell Affliction

Hell is no place for an injured crow, she just has to pass all those obstacles and get out of there. Take an intense ride through the tunnels of hell and help the bird reach the checkpoints safe. You will need a lot of skill to fly in the right directions and collect the keys to freedom without hitting the walls or getting trapped. Good luck!

Genre: fly collect skill bird

Zombie Fight Club

Get your zombie and be ready to fight your way into the big league. The arena is a tough place where you are going to face terrible monsters so the equipment you have is really important. Protect your head with helmets and upgrade your body parts if you want to be one step ahead your opponents. Absolute destruction has to be the limit in this action game!

Genre: champion league enemy opponent

World's Guard 2

Buy and place weapons strategically to beat the enemies that are continuously attacking your territory in this new action game. Worlds Guard 2 is really great and complex, you can upgrade your towers as you play and select your priority target. Make the right decisions so the waves don’t overwhelm you, being defeated shouldn’t be an option.

Genre: tactics skill upgrades towers

Zombie Soccer

Tired of playing the plain old football? Try something new with Zombie Soccer, a really fun puzzle game with skulls as balls and goalposts made of bones. The graveyard can be a tricky place to play this kind of sport, but no worries, you just need a little bit of skill and practice. Aim and set the right angle so that the ball reaches the gate and you score, bring it all and make your zombie team proud!

Genre: football ball funny skill

Comic Book Cody

Burglars got your comic books, but they are no match for your super-powers! Run, defy gravity, get your comics back and teach those thieves their place once and for all. If you manage to finish the levels of the action game in a short time, you can even win the golden comic book!

Genre: super-powers platforms transform ability

Jelly Alien

This jelly alien got into some serious trouble when he went out in space. A meteor crashed into him and split the jelly into many pieces all over the place. Get all the parts back together by cutting the wood platforms and ropes. Figuring out the right solution for the puzzle game can be tricky, but in the end the small alien will surely appreciate your help.

Genre: jelly aliens join funny

Dead Paradise 2

Paradise is now nothing more than a place filled with blood, enemies and deadly weapons. The only chance to survive is evacuation to Zone 51, but you need to get out of town first. Raiders, barrels and bombers are chasing you in this apocalyptic scenario, drive with full speed ahead and fire away to get rid of the bad guys. See what great upgrades and cars are waiting for you at the end of the line in the new version of the shooter game.

Genre: drive apocalyptic car games truck

All We Need is Brain - Level Pack

Figure out how to make the zombies come out of the graves in a puzzle game with tricky levels. Place the brains in key points as bait and then shoot them. Sometimes you don't need a gun, you can destroy them just by using the traps. There is a limited number of brains you can use so think carefully or else the scary creatures will come after you at night!

Genre: death destroy kill grave

Dirty Earthlings

Your space ship crashed right in the middle of the road and the army is after you. Tanks and helicopters are coming from all over the place and they are attacking with no mercy. Open fire with the weapons you have, build towers and after each victory against humanity, upgrade your powers to have better chances of surviving the ambush in this shooter game.

Genre: defense weapons survive fire