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Youda Survivor

Fight off pirates, survive and protect an entire tribe in this epic adventure! Ever dreamed of living on your own little island, being a real Robinson Crusoe? Now here is your chance! In Youda Survivor you end up on the funniest and most mysterious island with only some minimal tools to survive. What will it take to get you of this island? It`s up to you to get it all together and finally get back to the main land again!

Genre: prepare food boil collect

Motor Bike Mania

Are you ready to eat some dust? Motor bike mania is an uphill racing game where you drive your machine over the dangerous tracks in the canyons. Race alone or against computer player and try to reach the pirate flag to unlock the next level!

Genre: sports speed track skill

Ninja Pi Ro

A rare and valuable diamond has been stolen. This is a job for Ninja-Pi-Ro. Your objective in this fun point and click adventure game, is to control a Ninja, a Pirate, a Robot and use their own abilities to solve the puzzles. Changing characters enables different actions. Have fun!

Genre: fun puzzle memory funny

Yohoho Cannon

Guide your ship safely through 28 levels of physics cannon blasting mayhem. Destroy their cannons before they sink your vessel. Luckily they stashed their TNT right next to the cannons, so aim for that and watch the cannon get blown to bits. Don`t take any prisoners and enjoy the plunder!

Genre: sink ship shooter games gold

Ragdoll Pirates

Defend yourself against the pirates with your trusty cannon in this cute and fun shoot'em up game! Kill the Ragdoll Pirates in every way possible, and score bonus points for blasting many at a time!

Genre: defende bomb attack shooter games

Pirate Golf Adventure

Pass the golf ball through eight unique and lovingly courses enriched with an exciting and romantic story.

Genre: gold money ball sport games

Roll Roll Pirate

Roll Roll Pirate game takes you to a world full of colour, surprises, hidden booty and danger. You will need all your piratey skills to finish each of the 20 varied islands. This game combines beautiful graphics with unique 3D gameplay!

Genre: adventure games 3D platform arcade

Cursed Cave Crusade

Jump between platforms, avoid traps, fight enemies and collect coins through this challenging action game and help Will Turner to save Elizabeth Swann!

Genre: action games collect platform arcade

Pirates Blast

The pirates are under attack of many colored bombs. Defend the ship and arm the cannons! Its time to shoot on those bombs before they hit the ship. Buy upgrades and pickup powerups to gain more strength!

Genre: shooter games defend cannon attack

Ship O Ghouls

In this funny platform game you have to help Sponge Bob Squarepants to escape from Flying Dutchman's haunted wreck. Collect the bonuses and get him out through pipes as fast as you can!

Genre: platform arcade pirates adventure games