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Greedy Pirates

In free online pirates games we must introduce you to the greedy thief of the sea. Help the pirates get every treasure and finish levels. You must be wise and combine different actions, pass the ball to other pirate, explode some wood that is getting in your way and many others. The main objective of the game is to get the ball to the pirate's treasure, no matter what you have to do for it. A great puzzle game with beautiful landscapes and characters.

Genre: fire aim skill physics

Moby Dick 2

In free online pirates games we want to introduce you to Moby DIck 2. Moby is a little whale, he seems to be peaceful at the first sight but soon you will realize he is there to kill everything that passes on his ocean zone. If you eat more people and pirates, you earn more money which means you afford to grow up your whale faster, because this is an upgrade game and you must keep up. Kill ALL the people!

Genre: monster pirate action creature

Paper Pirates

Pirates are dangerous sea hunters and we must get rid of them in this free online puzzle game. Use your mind to find out what items can you remove, inflate or modify to make the pirate food for sharks. Sometimes pirates floating on sea took with them some crew members of the ship. You must take care of them and make sure you throw only pirates in the water. The shark can't wait to eat pirate flash. Best pirate games are online for free at gamesheep.com .

Genre: shark funny remove water

Mad Bombs 2

Play the role of a bomb and eliminate all your pirate enemyes. Use various background elements to solve every level and advance to a new adventure on this mistery island.

Genre: funny skill fun island

Frantic Frigates

Fight against other pirates and shoot the sharks. Kill them all to complete the levels. Destroy the boss but avoid the fatal shots.

Genre: upgrade destroy enemy action

Pirates of Teelonians

Get on the pirate ship and fight various oirates. Choose the best guns and collect points, bonuses or money from the eliminated opponents. Buy yourself extra healts, better ammo or better guns. Rule the unknown waters and equip yourself with the best cannons.

Genre: strategy upgrade weapon guns

Mad Bombs

Place mad bombs on every zombi. Try to carry the flames and blow up obstacles and zombi pirates to reach the next level. Solve the puzzle in a record time to earn more bonus points. In some levels you will have to use various elements to jump or climb in order to complete the mission.

Genre: funny adventure action islandm fun


Seafight is a multiplayer online game with pirates. Like a ship commander you must be a great seafighter but also a strategical planner. Come into the world of pirates to conquer all the seas of the world commanding your ship. Fight other player's ships, big and dangerous sea monsters or even your best friend's ship if you find it on the map, because in Seafight you can invite all your friends to play with you. Improve your ship, complete missions, find new monsters and pass the pirate test to get to the next level. The best pirate game is waiting for you here, play Seafight now!

Genre: captain bigpoint ship commander mmo

Pirates vs Ninjas

Prepare for 60 levels of physics-based cannon bombarding fun in the war between Pirates vs Ninjas! Shoot bombs as you try to hit treasure and eliminate the pirates or ninjas in each level. Be careful not to destroy your ship!

Genre: funny physics fire fun

Moby Dick the Video Game

Play as a killer whale and smash boats, dodge arrows, eat octopus and stay alive as long as you can! Moby Dick is one mean whale that likes to chow down on ships, fishermen, pirates and all kinds of under water creature.

Genre: action creature pirate monster