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Flooded Village Xmas Eve

Christmas is a beautiful joyful holiday but pirates got into the village and they’re not happy standing on the ground. Use your skills to flood them and resolve the puzzle, but don't forget that you have a limited number of moves.

Genre: skill water pirates puzzle

Pirates Arctict Treasure

Help the pirates get the arctic treasure by throwing it in the water where the pirates will pass with their ship. Find a solution to get the treasure in the ocean for every level. A pirates puzzle game with lots of challenging levels.

Genre: gravity bombs physics explosion

Fort Blaster - Ahoy There

Some rival pirates, a powerful cannon and a fortress in the middle of the sea, ready to be demolished. These are the ingredients of Fort Blaster - Ahoy There, a free adventure game that will challenge your ability to setup a cannon and shoot pirates.

Genre: bombs enemy explosion cannon

Michel Saves the World 2

Michel saves the world and the ocean from bad pirates. You will fight against them face to face and the best shall win. Make sure you fire the cannon precisely and powerful into the enemy's ship in order to crash it before the pirate destroys your ship.

Genre: water skill destroy physics

Pirate Hunter

You must hunt the pirates on their ship. Get your helpers and start shooting or beating the pirates. You have special attacks and powerful weapons to kill the pirates. The dead enemy will drop jewels and gold coins, collect them. A great pirate action and shooting game.

Genre: guns ship sword fire

Dead Pirate's Chest

As eternal fortune seekers, the pirates found out about a gold treasure hidden on a little island. Soon they got there and discovered a tribe that already had the treasure and made a home from that island. The pirates will do anything to get the treasure so the defenders must die. Make sure you provide enough pirates to overwhelm the power of the defense fighters.

Genre: guards pirates treasure attack

Angry Pirates

The sea was doomed to be populated by angry pirates that fight for every piece of the ocean. You are part of a bigger crew of bad, angry pirates that dream to conquer the sea and rule it some day. Help them destroy other pirate's ships and kill their navigation crew so you can grow your influence over the sea. A puzzle physics game with pirates is always welcomed before summer.

Genre: sea ship battle ocean

Jungle Wars

Jungle wars with soliders against pirates. You must find a way to kill your pirate enemies with grenades that explode in a couple of seconds after throwing them. Some levels have hidden solutions so you must look for objects to detonate, buttons to push with bombs and other such things in order to clear your way to the enemy. The jungle can be dangerous so get prepared for the worst, the war can be hard to manage.

Genre: soldier fire island grenade

Pirates of the Stupid Seas

The pirates of the stupid seas are attacking some brand new ships full of fish and money to be taken. You must target the enemies and launch bombs to crash their ship and capture the crew.

Genre: skill upgrade captain ship

Pirate Storm

Pirate Storm is one of the best multiplayer browser games available. Join the fight between thousands of players all around the world, a fight for gold, sea and aquatic monsters. Get ready to be a true pirate and get into the pirate storm.

Genre: treasure sea enemy ocean