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Mango Piggy Vs Bad Veggies

Genre: food pig games endless farm

Piggy Night

Genre: night arcade pig evil

Mango Piggy Piggy Hero

Yet another pig game!

Genre: physics superheroes cognitive throwing

Piggy Wiggy 3

Another game from the pig game category. Guide piggy wiggy towards the acorns and solve the funny challenging levels to this third part of the puzzle game. Create links between objects and change mechanisms that will help the pigs reach the delicious treat. Spikes must be avoided, so try to figure out the best solution to pass the obstacles.

Genre: skill rope links collect

Piggy in the Puddle 2

This piggy is back and ready to take another dive in the puddle of mud. Help the funny animal reach the puddle and collect all the golden acorns. Change mechanisms to move the piggy in the direction of the mud and have fun rolling him over the platforms.

Genre: animals pig objects gravity

Pig Rescue

Another game from the pig game category. Rescue the pigs that were kidnapped in another fun puzzle game. Place and destroy the objects so that the pigs fall safely on the ground, but be careful not to lose them. The farmer will collect each and every one of them if manage to solve the levels correctly.

Genre: obstacles blocks pets destroy

Piggy in the Puddle

The objective of this puzzle game is to help the piggy reach the puddle of mudd. Pigs just love to get dirty! Have fun changing the mechanisms and collect the acorns in different challenges.

Genre: gravity objects pig animals

Snoring 3 Treasure Island

Funny animals, treasures and colorful islands make this puzzle game fun all the way! The objective is to knock over and wake up the snoring elephant. Use giraffes, pigs, owls and many others to reach the elephant and collect the coins. All the animals have a different type of action, snakes can be used as trampolines, cows can roll over. Figure out the right solution and enjoy the crazy treasure island!

Genre: physics skill gravity puzzle

Escapin' Bacon

The pig in this new action game wants to escape from the factory because he is going to be turned into bacon. Help him get his freedom back by jumping on platforms that you create along the way. Be careful and don't use the fire platforms, these will turn the piggy into tasty bacon. You can spend the coins on equipment or other improvements, parachutes, shields and flying balloons are waiting for you.

Genre: bounce flying skill collect

Piggy Wiggy Seasons

The hungry piggies are back in a puzzle game with new and challenging levels. Your job is to feed them so use the ropes and mechanisms to help them reach the acorns. The spikes are harmful, give your best to avoid them and figure out the best solution to pass all the obstacles.

Genre: collect links acorns cords