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Run Panda Run

Genre: runner run panda platform

Christmas Panda Run

Genre: christmas panda run arcade

3 Pandas

3 funny panda bears are trying to escape the pirates. This is a great point and click game in which you must use your intelligence and find a solution for the puzzle so the pandas pass unnoticed. Each panda is different and has an ability you can use to accomplish every mission.

Genre: jungle funny pirates escape

3 Pandas in Fantasy

Our three fury friends got themselves into a new adventure when they opened a portal to a fantasy world. Guide the pandas through their journey in a fairy tale land and experience a magical quest like no other.

Genre: animals funny logic skills

Ruthless Pandas

Yet another panda game! Grizzly bears are attacking the Panda bear planet and their only hope is an unusual hero, will you help him defeat the enemies? Go into battle with your trusty ship and shoot the incoming opponents. Upgrade the ship after each mission to make it indestructible and take back all the stolen gems.

Genre: enemies upgrades weapons rocket

3 Pandas in Japan

The 3 pandas are on a new adventure in Japan, but their trip got interrupted by ninjas who stole their camera. Think about the best solution to solve the challenges and escape the obstacles. Use each of their abilities to change the mechanisms and help the pandas get back their camera.

Genre: skills funny animals logic

Panda Uprising

Yet another panda game! The evil Banbu tribe will stop at nothing until they steal the legendary snack, Mashu, but one brave rabbit is going to try and protect the treat from them. Join Febb on his fantastic journey to far-off lands as he defends the castle`s door from the approaching pandas. Help our hero shoot all of his enemies and earn powerful spells that can destroy intruders in one shot. Don`t let the delicious snack fall into the wrong hands or it will be used by the pandas for their evil doings!

Genre: panda fire powers bears

3 Pandas in Brazil

The 3 funny pandas are back in a new adventure, this time they landed right in the middle of Brazil. It's a new exotic place and they need your help to figure out how to escape. Check out the new challenges and have fun discovering all the obstacles and traps that you have to overcome. A very fun panda game.

Genre: pandas funny escape jungle

3 Pandas 2 - Night

A panda game specially for you. The 3 pandas are back in a new puzzle game! Their funny adventure continues in the jungle, but now they have to pass the obstacles and face the danger at night. Think about the best solution to solve the puzzle in order to help them escape. Use each of their abilities to change the mechanisms and get to the exit safe.

Genre: funny pandas escape jungle

Panda Toy Shoot

A funny shooter and puzzle game with pandas. You should collect bamboo by shooting the panda in the right direction with the right power. Make sure you collect them all and get one toy in the box so you can finish the level.

Genre: range toys physics panda