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Ninja Showdown

Choose your ninja, fight against your opponent and win the battle!

Genre: adventure games action games arts sword

Avatar Treetop Troubler

Sokka has escaped his captors, and now he must save an entire village!

Genre: action games arts adventure games martial

Rely On Relics

Valmont kidnapped Jackie’s niece! Guide Jackie through the streets of Chinatown to catch him. Fight and kill the ninjas to move farther in the level.

Genre: arts action games martial adventure games

Potty Mouth Ninja

You have to grab treasures and maps, which gives you powers to push tiki statues, push boxes and move other objects to complete each level!

Genre: maze mind ninja puzzle games

Ninja Rinseout

Progress through each level killing the Ninja's as quickly as possible and get to the end of the game.

Genre: karate action games sword adventure games


Make your way through various challenging levels in search of treasure, grab all the gold and also the keys to open the exit doors and proceed to the next level.

Genre: fight adventure games action games karate

Ninja Man

Defeat all your enemies and avoid the traps in your way.

Genre: old action games adventure games karate