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Ninja Frog

Prince Edward has been cursed into an ugly frog by an evil witch paid by his cousin who was jelous on Ed's relationship with Mary. Bad circumstances transform the frog into a ninja who is gonna fight to find the hidden treasure. Go in the adventure and help the frog jump from bonus to bonus and finish every level.

Genre: collect enemy jump gems

Ninja Mushroom

A puzzle game that needs a lot of concentration to clear a path for the ninja mushroom to reach the Golden Stump. You must move platforms, blocks and of course the ninja in order to get on the Golden Stumb. Use your imagination and logic skills to discover the perfect way to get to the finish of the level.

Genre: skill gold fun tree

Lair Y Defense

A fantasy defense action game with ninjas, robots and epic bosses. You must plan a defense strategy for every wave coming to attack the house. You got many weapons with original design and powerful attack. Your garage will take all the enemies down if they dare to come closer. Upgrade, defense and kill everyone around.

Genre: fire cannon laser weapon

Hong Kong Ninja

Mayhem has been unleashed onto the streets of Hong Kong. Only a few have the skills to silence the war before its gets out of hand! Show the criminal infested streets the way of the ninja!

Genre: enemy skill attack mayhem

Run Ninja Run

Your goal in this ninja platform-runner is to escape and run as far as possible without stopping. Jump over walls, collect gold bars, complete big slides, attack your enemies and earn cool achievements. After you run you can upgrade your skills and speed for a better ninja getaway.

Genre: achievements skill attack collect

Ninja Dogs 2

Use your cannon to shoot with ninja dogs in the enemy castle. Destroy them with single shots and collect the bonuses. Upgrade your gun and shoot more accurate in the new castles. Try to solve every adventure and complete the levels.

Genre: launcher action puppy funny

Ninja Stealth

Help ninja understand a new meaning of fighting for good. He is very fast in action and this adventure needs some thinking too. Collect the objects in your way and destroy enemies in order to finish the adventure.

Genre: combat action adventure stars

Ninja Painter

The ninja painter is a fighter with a artistic soul. Help him paint the walls in the right way with the right colors even if he is a little bit to fast for that, only the stairs can slow him down. A great puzzle game that will challenge your attention.

Genre: arcade puzzle collect paint

Ninja Dogs

Ninja Dogs must take their Master from the enemy cats. Fire with dogs using the cannon, crash buildings and get points from every destroyed thing. You must calculate angles, distance and the force before releasing the dog from the cannon. Have fun with Ninja Dogs.

Genre: adventure launcher funny puppy

Ninja Katana

Slice, Dice, and Destroy hordes of enemy ninjas in this all-out combo-fest. Enter Marseilles, a hired Ninja Assassin. Fight across 16 levels of progressively stronger ninjas as you upgrade your character to untold levels of greatness. With plenty of Sword, Blade weapons and Projectiles at your disposal, you can craft and create the perfect warrior.

Genre: blood projectile action blade